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Organizations: Formal – Informal; Scientific Management and Human Relation Era: Hawthorne Studies; Classical Organization Theory and Design; Modern Organization Theory: Organization as an Open-System; Motivation: Content theories; Process theories; Reinforcement Theories; Group Dynamics and Team Development: Types of Groups and their attributes; Quality Circles and their role in Total Quality Management (TQM); Leadership & Influence Strategies:- The Classical Theories of leadership: Iowa, Ohio and Michigan Leadership studies. Trait theory of leadership; Group and Exchange theory of leadership; Charishmatic and Transformational leadership theories; Indian Researches on Leadership and Influence strategies; Organizational Culture and Climate: Recent Developments in the area; Indian studies on Organizational culture; Work Culture; Stress in work settings: Organizational stressors, extraorganizational stressors and group stressors; Effect of occupational stress, and individual dispositions and their role in work stress; Decision Making: Contemporary models of Behavioural DM; The Delphi Technique and the Nominal Group Technique.


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