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Computer & Communication Centre


About the Centre

The Computer & Communication Centre is solely responsible for keeping the Electronic Communication & Computation related facilities available to each and every member of IIT Guwahati. The services provided by the Computer  & Communication Centre includes: Installation & Maintenance of Servers for: Internet Access.…

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The Computer & Communication Centre  occupies one-half of the 'Central Library & Computer & Communication Centre' building. It is spread over four floors with an area of about 5,000 sq. meter. The ground floor houses the support division of the Centre, UPS room, institute telephone exchange & a BSNL telephone exchange. The first floor is the main laboratory of the Centre where more then 300 users can be accommodated. The second floor has the server rooms, a communication room and a seating place for staff. There is also a departmental server room in this floor, where all other departments can keep their Servers to avail the 24x7 service of the Centre. The third floor is having a Data Center used to house server's and its associated components.


A Sixteen-node (16) Server Farm with 1.5 Tera-Byte of shared storage is used for the Storage & Computation needs of the Students as well as the Faculty members of all the departments. The Server Farm works in High Availability Load Balanced Cluster mode. This server farm is used for general-purpose computation. In order to meet the high-end computational needs a 136 CPU high performance compute cluster(HPCC) is available. Each node of the HPCC has 32GB main memory and the total storage space is 6 TB. The HPCC is also connected to the GARUDA grid with a 1 Gbps fibre link. GARUDA is a nation wide computational grid that interconnects the high-end research labs of the country.


Apart from these, multiple independent Servers are used for E-mail, Proxy, DNS & Web Services.


The PCs available in the lab are regularly upgraded (three years, on average) to the latest specification for best user experience & productivity.


All the academic departments, hostels, guest house, sports complex & medical complex are connected through OFC to the core switch in the communication room. Internet access is availed from multiple ISPs to provide better connectivity and make the system fault-tolerant. Internet facility has been extended to the institute quarters and guest house through ADSL.


Three 60KVA on-line remote monitored UPSs in N+N redundant mode ensure that the Centre get clean and uninterrupted power supply.


Being a Level-3 PoP (Point-of-Presence) for ERNET in this region, the CC looks after the routers/modems & also provides technical support to multiple organizations in the region.


The ERNET node at IIT Guwahati provides Internet connectivity to educational & research institutes of the region:


The list of users having leased line connectivity from ERNET PoP, Guwahati are:

  • IIT Guwahati , (1:1) 8 Mbps leased line
  • Tezpur University, Assam, (1:1) 2Mbps leased line
  • Assam Agricultural University,Guwahati [Veternary College]. (1:1) 2Mbps leased line 
  • Centre of Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (CIFRI), (1:1) 2Mbps leased line
  • Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh, (1:1) 2Mbps leased line


The ERNET node at IIT Guwahati is responsible for maintaining these leased circuits.


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