Performance Analysis of Non-metallic Gears in Bi-directional Loading-Supported by Department of Mechanical Engineering IIT Guwahati;  

PhD work guidance in progress at IIT Guwahati Student M. Kodeeswaran External, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre(Since 2012)

Objective: Evaluation of advanced polymer gears for bidirectional loading

Major Activities:

Develop test rig to evaluate fatigue performance under bi-directional loading condition

Bending fatigue performance evaluation of carbon fiber reinforced nylon gears and PEEEK and PEEK+CF gear

Evaluation of polymer gear transmission error




View of test rig and machined PEEK gear

Developed test rig





Integrated with servo hydraulic test facility

Transmission error of symmetric and asymmetric gear

TE of polymeric gear meshed with steel and polymeric gear

Path of contact Polyamide-Polyamide

Contributors: Anand Mohan, MTech Scholar(2011-2012), Prateek Kumar and Saroj Manda, BTech(2010-11)