Design Development and Performance Evaluation of Self Lubricating Cutting Tool

                                              Funded by Aeronautics Research and Development Board(ARDB) India &

PhD Work Mr A Muthuraja (2011-2016)




EDX Specturm

Ball Milling and Dewaxing Facility

Milling Characterization

Powder Morphology Investigation

Hydraulic PressDie for TRS

Tube FurnaceTRS View

Hydraulic Press and Fabricated TRS Die

Sintering Facility and TRS Testing Fixture

10 cobalt 7MoS2 compacted at 40 kN-2


Sintered Specimens








































Mr Pranay Desai and Mr Vedang Singh, BTech (2009- 9)

Mr Rajkhowa, Project Staff (2007- 8)

Mr Pradosh Das, Project Staff (2008-9)

Mr Vikram Manoj Kumar, MTech (2008-9)

Mr Veeranjaneyulu Rayapudi, MTech(2010-11)