Indo-Japan Conference on Damage Tolerant Design and Materials, IIT Madras, Dec 16-18, 2004. Proceedings Editors: R. Gnanamorthy, M.Kamaraj, Y.Mutoh and S. Senthilvelan

2nd International Congress on Computational Mechanics and Simulation, IIT Guwahati, December 08-10, 2006. Convener Technical Sessions

QIP Short Term Course on Advanced Engineering Polymers, IIT Guwahati December 03-07, 2007, Participants: 25, Resource Persons: 15 Coordinator along with G.Pugazhenthi

21st PFAM International Symposium on Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials, IIT Guawhati, Dec 10-13, 2012 Joint Secretary

Department Time Table Coordinator, 2009-11.

Vice Chairman IIT Guwahati Zone, IIT JEE 2012, 2011-12.

Chairman IIT Guwahati Zone, JEE (Advanced)- 2013, 2012-13.

5th International and 26th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference, December 12-14, 2014. Convener Technical Sessions

TEQIP Course on Advanced Gear Engineering , IIT Guwahati, Coordinator, November 21-22,2015

12th International Conference on Vibration Problems, Dec 14-17, 2015, Convener Technical Sessions