Roy Paily

Dr. Roy P. Paily

Head, Centre for Nanotechnology

Professor, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

IIT Guwahati

Ph. D

  1. Optimization of Planer Spiral Inductor and design of multi layer Pyramidal Inductor for Silicon Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits, by Genemala Haobijam, June 2010.
  2. Mass Loading Effect of Resonant Structures in Surface Acoustic Wave Devices Suitable for Sensing Applications, N. Ramakrishnan, April 2011 (Supervised jointly with Dr. Harshal Nemade).
  3. Design of Amplifiers and Fabrication of High Performance Thin-Film Transistors Using Carbon Nanotubes, K. C. Narasimhamurthy, July 2011.
  4. VLSI Design and Implementation of High-Throughput Turbo Decoder for Wireless Communication Systems, Rahul Shrestha, October 2014.
  5. Design, Modeling and Fabrication of Microhotplate for Gas Sensing Application, Gaurav Saxena, May 2015.
  6. Design and Fabrication of an Osmotic Pressure Sensor for Glucose Sensing Application, Nagesh CH, May 2015.


  1. Design, fabrication and analysis of MEMS based vertical mirror with two degrees of freedom, by Vijaya Bhargava Dasari, July 2006.
  2. High Level Power Reduction in FPGAs with Bypassing Technique by A. Ramesh Babu, August 2006.
  3. Power Delay Estimation in C, RC, RCL Interconnects and its reduction using Repeaters by Ajeet Kumar Singh, August 2006
  4. Leakage Current Estimation and Transistor Stacking Technique for Low Power CMOS VLSI, by K. Sathyaki, July 2006.
  5. Design of a Novel Data Encoding Circuit and Hardware Implementation of Asynchronous FIFO, by K. Krishna Chaitanya, June 2007.
  6. Effect of Floating gate Interferences on Threshold Voltage Distribution in High Density Flash Memory Cells, by Vikas Badam, June 2007.
  7. Branch Target Address Instructions Prefetching, Prashanth Reddy Gade, June 2007.
  8. Design of Multi-band CMOS Low Noise Amplifiers, Balemarthy Chaitanya Deepak, June 2008 (adjudged as second best M.Tech thesis of all participating institutions under SMDP II project).
  9. Design of Low Power and Low Error Rate Flash ADC, Niket Agrawal, June 2008.
  10. RFID Systems Design for Currency Notes and Biomedical Applications, Mani Kumar Kothamasu, July 2008.
  11. Systemic Design of Operational Amplifiers using 0.18 um CMOS Devices operated in Strong and Moderate Inversion, Venkatesh S., July 2009.
  12. A study of FIR Filter Architectures and Digital Audio Equalizer, Rajeev Pankaj Nelapati, July 2009.
  13. Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer Design for RF Applications, Meer Mudassar Imam Yahya, July 2009.
  14. Design of a 0.5 V Low Power analog front-end for Heart-rate Detector, Naveen Suda, July 2010 (adjudged as second best M.Tech thesis of all participating institutions under SMDP II project).
  15. Precision Temperature Sensor in CMOS Technology, Diptaman Hazarika, July 2010.
  16. DVB-SH RF Tuner with Wireless Inductive Link to Base-band Processor, Sanyasi Rao Rupiti, July 2010.
  17. Design of Sigma‐Delta Modulator for Communication and Biomedical Application, Durshee Sharma, July 2011.
  18. FPGA Implementation of Pipelined NLMS Algorithm, Biki Teron, July 2011 (Jointly supervised with Dr. S. R. Ahamed).
  19. Implementation of Log-Map Turbo decoder with K = 5 for Better BER Performance, Arun Kumar Chintha, July 2011 (Jointly supervised with Prof. Anil Mahanta).
  20. UWB Receiver Design and Implementation, Sanata Kumar Samal, July 2011 (Jointly supervised with Prof. Anil Mahanta).
  21. Low Power Viterbi Decoder and FFT Architectures for Wimax Receiver, Sunil Prakash Chandra Joshi, July 2011.
  22. Modeling of Unimorph Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Device, Jagtap Suyog Narayan, July 2011.
  23. Low Power RF ZigBee Transmitter using CORDIC-based Frequency Translation, Amrita Brahmachari, July 2012.
  24. Design of Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator for Audio Signals, SK Irfan Ali, July 2012.
  25. Design of Low Power Successive Approximation Register ADCs, Srinivas Boina, July 2012.
  26. Simulation of Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Energy Harvesters, Sushant Pandey, July 2013.
  27. Simulation on Energy Band Gap Opening of Graphene Nanoribbons, Anas M M, July 2013.
  28. A Transceiver Baseband Design for Ultra-Wide Band Physical Layer of IEEE 802.15.6 Standard in Bluespec, Akash Ganesan, July 2013.
  29. Design of Ultra-Wide Band Physical Layer (PHY) Transceiver for WBAN (802.15.6) Baseband, R Kameswara Naga Mahesh, July 2013.
  30. ASIC Implementation of Multi-Standard LDPC Decoder, Vijaya Kumar K, July 2014.
  31. Gm-C Filter for LTE, Thothadri Krishna B, July 2014.

B. Tech Projects Completed

  1. VoIP: Predicting the Perceptual QoS using a Trace of Packets by Sachin Sethiya and Vimal Kishor, April 2005.
  2. Low Power Asynchronous Processors by A. Srinath Reddy and C. Arun Reddy, April 2006.
  3. Design of CMOS Low Noise Amplifiers by Naman Saraf, April 2007.
  4. VLSI Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controller by Rohit K. and P. Narendra babu, Co-supervised with Dr. C. Mahanta, April 2007.
  5. CMOS DC-DC Converter by Jyothi Bhaskar Amarnadh and K. Rohan, April 2008.
  6. AGC Design for Software Radio using Analog Circuits by Neeraj Kumar and Parul Chopra, April 2008.
  7. Transmitter Antenna Design and CMOS Capacitive Pressure Sensor Integration with RFID Tag for Biomedical Applications by Sandeep Reddy, Jointly supervised with Dr. K. R. Singh, April 2008.
  8. DC-DC Converter with Area and Power Efficient On Chip Digital Controller, Gaurav Sharda and Gopal Jatiya, May 2009.
  9. Low Power Biometric Capacitive CMOS Fingerprint Sensor System, Tarun Kumar and B. Shankkar, May 2009.
  10. FPGA Implementation of PRBS generator, QPSK and FFT Block of an OFDM Receiver, Tanuj Kumar Lodhi and Amit Goel, May 2010.
  11. Radio Receiver Design for Communication in the IEEE K band (18 – 27 GHz), Lalji Chandra and Kuldeep Karwa, May 2011.
  12. FPGA Implementation of Redundant Wavelet Transform for the Detection of P, QRS, T Waves in ECG, ADSP Sudhansh and Sudheeer Kumar Kurakula, May 2011, Jointly with Prof. S. Dandapat
  13. DWT based MRI Image Compression and Study of Compressive Sensing Techniques, A. Sreekanth and G. Kowsic Kumar, May 2012.
  14. WBAN Baseband Transmitter Design for Health Monitoring Applications, Rajesh Atthimalla and Aarshbh Vasishth, May 2012.
  15. Image Disparity Estimation for Blind Assisting Systems, Ajay Kumar Kandavalli and B V Ashok Kumar, May 2013
  16. Design and Integration of MEMS devices to build Artificial Pancreas, Jinghom Chakhap and Anuj Verma, May 2013
  17. FPGA Implementation of Image Processing Algorithms for Blind Navigation Assistance, Kinshuk Dhir and K. Sri Satya Sudhanva, May 2014
  18. Multi-Rate Reconfigurable LDPC Decoder Architectures for QC-LDPC codes in High Throughput Applications, Sachin Kumawat and Nikunj Daga, May 2014
  19. Circuit Design for a Wearable ECG Monitoring System, Mridul Krishna, May 2014
  20. Micro-fluidics paper based diagnostic device, Rayapati Prabhat and Prakash Hemani, May 2015
  21. Designing and Modeling a MEMS Sensor for Glucose Monitoring, Harsha Ranjan Kumar and Bharat Kavala, May 2015
  22. Design and Implementation of a Blind Assistance System using FPGA, Vaddi Chandra Sekhar, May 2015