EE545 Syllabus:


Review of electromagnetic theory (section 3.4.1 & 3.6.1 of reference 1)

Introduction to computational electromagnetics (section 1.2 of reference 3)


Method of Moments:

Integral formulation of electrostatics, Capacitance problem in unbounded 2D region (Section 10.3 of reference 3)

Electromagnetic scattering (Section 11.2.5 of reference 5 and Chapter 2 of reference 7),

Scattering on thin wires (Section 10.5 of reference 3),

Analysis of microstrip antennas and circuits, (Appendix A.2 of reference 4, chapter 7 of reference 2 & reference 11)

EM absorption in human body (Section 5.7 of reference 8 & reference 10)

Fast multipole method.


Finite difference methods:

Basic components of finite difference solvers, Wave equation: 1-D FDTD (Appendix A.1 and A.2 of reference 3)

2-D FDTD method (Appendix A.3 of reference 3)

3-D FDTD method (sections 5.2.2, 5.2.5 of reference 9)

Perfectly matched layer: 2-D Split-field, 3-D Uniaxial, CPML (section 8.5.3 and 9.5.3 of reference 1, reference 12, reference 13)


Finite element method:

Overview, Laplace/Poisson equation (2-D FEM) (6.2 and 6.3 of reference 8)

Boundary condition for FEM, (1.3.3 of reference 8)

Helmholtz equation (2-D FEM), (6.4 of reference 8)

Time domain FEM, (6.11 of reference 8)

Finite element method-boundary element method,

FEM/MOM hybrid,




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Lecture slides: