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Publications of the month

  • Dr. Brajesh Rawat (VLSI)
    Title: Performance Evaluation of Bilayer Graphene Nanoribbon Tunnel FETs for Digital and Analog Applications.
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology
    Authors: B. Rawat and R. Paily
    Date of publication: 02 March 2017
    E-mail: r.brijesh@iitg.ac.in
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  • Ripudaman Singh (Comm.)
    Title: A Joint Routing and MAC Protocol for Transmission Delay Reduction in Many-to-One Communication Paradigm for Wireless Sensor Networks.
    Journal: IEEE Internet of Things Journal
    Authors: R. Singh, B. K. Rai and S. K. Bose
    Date of publication: 11 July 2017
    E-mail: s.ripudaman@iitg.ac.in
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  • Vivek Venugopal (Sig. Proc.)
    Title: An online writer identification system using regression-based feature normalization and codebook descriptors, Expert Systems with Applications.
    Journal: IEEE Internet of Things Journal
    Authors: Vivek Venugopal, Suresh Sundaram
    Date of publication: 15 April 2017
    E-mail: v.venugopal@iitg.ac.in
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  • Pavan Kumar Manchi (VLSI)
    Title: Low Power Digital Baseband Transceiver Design for UWB Physical Layer of IEEE 802.15.6 Standard.
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
    Authors: P. K. Manchi, R. Paily and A. K. Gogoi
    Date of publication: 21 June 2017
    E-mail: m.pavan@iitg.ac.in
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  • Brijesh Kumar Kushwaha (Electrical)
    Title: 3-D Analytical Model for Computation of Mutual Inductance for Different Misalignments With Shielding in Wireless Power Transfer System.
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification.
    Authors: B. K. Kushwaha, G. Rituraj and P. Kumar
    Date of publication: 09 January 2017
    E-mail: b.kushwaha@iitg.ac.in
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  • Indrajit Das (VLSI)
    Title: Noise Cancelation? Explained!: The Role of Feedback in Noise-Canceling LNAs and Receivers.
    Journal: IEEE Microwave Magazine
    Authors: I. Das and N. Nallam
    Date of publication: 09 August 2017
    E-mail: d.indrajit@iitg.ac.in
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