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A Newsletter is not only a collection of articles but at the same time it is an indication of the progress being made within a department or an institution. I extend my best wishes to the editorial team of RSF-EEE that has brought up this pertinent idea for their first edition of this newsletter and hope it continues to develop in the future.

New RSF team assumed its office from June 2017 and started planning events for research scholars. This was the time when this idea of releasing trimonthly newsletter came into our minds. It is a platform for research scholars to provide their views on various aspects such as emerging technology, research, morality and spirituality, social issues and solutions and many more. This is not only limited to technical and philosophical things but also contains an aggregate of information that every research scholar always looks for. I encourage all the research scholars of department to come forward and express their views through this medium. I also request all the readers to provide feedback for the improvement of Newsletter.

This newsletter concisely covers the major events and advancements of the research scholars of EEE department at IIT Guwahati. A brief introduction to the latest technologies and trends followed by research communities around the world is discussed in the Technology Vision section of this news letter. Some of the publications by the research scholars are shared in this newsletter with an aim to encourage communication across disciplines/branch within the department. Alumni corner of the newsletter provides everyone footsteps to follow for a successful and happy PhD career. The newsletter provides technical and social know how of the life at department of EEE as well as a peek to the research world outside.

RSF-EEE has echoed the views of the research scholars and aroused many out of their deep slumber. It has instilled motivation among many and will continue to do so in future. Research requires technical introspection and proper skills to present it in front of audience in a comprehensive manner. RSF can help in achieving such type of goals. The staging of different types of events will also create a strong bonding among the research scholars coming from diverse backgrounds and working in different domains. This RSF newsletter will spread the research activities of various streams, motivate everybody to pursue research through some inspirational and spiritual articles. Overall this newsletter will go a long way in shaping up the careers of research scholars. They can also enrich their knowledge and writing skills through this.

I mainly work on design and web support of this newsletter. I am feeling privileged to be a part of the Newsletter team. While working with the team, I enjoyed a lot and got enormous chances to improve my skills. I hope, people will appreciate our effort and make it a huge success.

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