M.Tech Students

2010 - 2012
Name Thesis Title/Area
SK. IRFAN ALI Design of Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator for Audio Signals
SHANTHANU KUMAR SINGH Low cost VLSI architecture of fast inverse modified discrete cosine transform for H.264 application
NAGESH KUMAR High performance VLSI architecture of adaptive decision feedback equalizer for gigabit systems
AMRITA BRAHMACHARI Low Power RF ZigBee Transmitter using CORDIC-based Frequency Translation
ABDUL RAOUF KAHLID MT High throughput architecture for reconstruction of compressively sensed MRI
GAURAV KUMAR Hardware accelerator for channel estimation and compensation of lte standard
GUHAGARKAR NIKHIL RAJAN Hardware reconfigurable systolic array processor for multiple motions estimation algorithms in H.264
KISHORE KUMAR PERUMALLA High-performance architecture for complex multiplexer using distributive arithmetic
KANDASEEMA SRINIVAS Efficient VLSI implementation of bch and rs decoders for DVB-S2/DVB-S standards
SRINIVAS BOINA Design of low power successive approximation register ADCS