Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati-781039, India

EEE Department, IIT Guwahati

Graduated Ph.D Students

SL No. Name Thesis Title Supervisors Name Year of Passing
01 Chinta Rambabu Efficient Watershed Algorithms for Image Segmentation and Related Prototype Architectures. Dr. I. Chakraborti and Prof. A. Mahanta 2005
02 Khumanthem Manglem Singh New Developments in Median Filters Prof. P. K. Bora 2006
03 Prabin Kumar Padhy Limit Cycle Approach for Identification and Control of Processes Prof. S. Majhi 2007
04 Manas Kamal Bhuyan Vision Based Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition for Human Computer Interaction Dr. D. Ghosh and Prof. P. K. Bora 2007
05 Vinod P. Motion-Coherent Video Watermarking Prof. P. K. Bora 2007
06 G. Senthil Raja Feature Analysis And Compensation For Speaker Recognition Under Stressed Condition Prof. S. Dandapat 2008
07 Genemala Haobijam Optimization of Planar Spiral Inductor and Design of Multilayer Pyramidal Inductor for Silicon Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Prof. Roy Paily P 2009
08 M. Sabarimalai Manikandan Cardiovascular Signal Compression Using a New Wavelet Energy Based Diagnostic Distortion Measure Prof. S. Dandapat 2009
09 Ahmad Ali Controller Design Methods for Linear Systems with Emphasis on Integrating Processes Prof. S. Majhi 2009
10 P. Krishnamoorthy Combined Temporal And Spectral Processing Methods For Speech Enhancement Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2009
11 H.S. Jayanna Limited Data Speaker Recognition Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2009
12 Mrinal Burahgohain Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) as a Tool for System Indentification with Special Emphasis on Training Data Minimization Prof. C. Mahanta 2009
13 Babu Sena Paul Modeling of Multi-antenna Wireless Channels and Relay Based Communication Systems Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2009
14 Senthilkumar D Design of Robust Fuzzy Controllers for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Prof. C. Mahanta 2010
15 Navajit Saikia Perceptual Hashing for Wavelet-based Scalably-coded Video Prof. P. K. Bora 2010
16 Debadatta Pati Subsegmental, Segmental and Suprasegmental Processing of Linear Prediction Residual for Speaker Information Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2011
17 Utkal Vinodchandra Mehta Relay Feedback Method for Process Modeling Prof. S. Majhi 2011
18 Shweta Ghai Addressing Pitch Mismatch for Children's Automatic Speech Recognition Dr. R. Sinha 2011
19 Himanshu Katiyar Cooperative Relaying with Multi-Antenna System in Fading Channel Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2011
20 S. S. Karthikeyan Performance Enhancement of Microwave Devices using Metamaterial based Sub-Wavelength Resonators Dr. K. R. Singh 2011
21 K. C. Narasimhamurthy Design of Amplifiers and Fabrication of High Performance Thin-Film Transistors Using Carbon Nanotubes Prof. Roy Paily P 2011
22 Vijay Kumar Nath Statistical Modeling of Lapped Transform Coefficients and Its Applications Prof. A. Mahanta 2011
23 Bhabesh Deka Image Denoising Using Sparse and Overcomplete Representations Prof. P. K. Bora 2011
24 Rajib Kumar Panigrahi Information Extraction From Polarimetric Sar Images Dr. A. K. Mishra 2011
25 Rupaban Subadar Performance Analysis of Diversity Combining Receivers Over Hoyt, n - µ and k - µ Fading Channels Dr. P. R. Sahu 2011
26 Amrita Ganguly Fast Mode Decision Methods In H.264/AVC Standard Prof. A. Mahanta 2012
27 Laxmi Narayan Sharma Multiscale Processing of Multichannel Electrocardiogram Signals Prof. S. Dandapat and Prof. A. Mahanta 2012
28 Sarada Prasad Dakua LV Contour Extraction from MRI Scans Using Random Walk Dr. J. S. Sahambi 2012
29 Jyoti Ranjan Panda Printed Monopole Antennas With Multiple Bends For RFID,WLAN And UWB Applications Dr. K. R. Singh 2012
30 S. R. Nirmala Wavelet Weighted Distortion Measures for Retinal Images Prof. S. Dandapat and Prof. P. K. Bora 2012
31 Dola Gobinda Padhan Improved Control Structures and Methodologies for Linear Processing with Delay Prof. S. Majhi 2012
32 Kandarpa Kumar Sarma MIMO Channel Modeling using a Class of Soft-Computational Techniques Dr. A. Mitra 2012
33 Mukesh Singh Vehicle to Grid Implementation using Fuzzy Logic Controller Dr. I. Kar and Dr. P. Kumar 2013
34 C. Shyam Anand Wavelet Domain Bilateral Filtering for Denoising MR Images Dr. J. S. Sahambi 2013
35 Govind D Epoch Based Dynamic Prosody Modification for Neutral to Expressive Speech Conversion Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2013
36 Gayadhar Pradhan Speaker Verification under Degraded Conditions using Vowel-like and Nonvowel-like Regions Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2013
37 Samar Shailendra Multipath Transport and Flow Division for Multihomed Hosts Prof. S. K. Bose and Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2013
38 Sanjoy Mondal Adaptive Second Order Sliding Mode Control Stratgies for Uncertain Systems Prof. C. Mahanta 2013
39 Krishna Pal Singh Parmar State Space Based Load Frequency Control of Multi-Area Power Systems Prof. S. Majhi 2013
40 S. Padam Priyal Hand Posture Recognition Using Discrete Orthogonal Moments Prof. P. K. Bora 2014
41 Sayantan Hazra Channel Modelling for Land Mobile Satellite Communications Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2014
42 Kannan T. Fuzzy Based Smart Charging Station for Electric Vehicle Application to Mitigate Peak Power Demand Dr. Praveen Kumar 2014
43 G. Aruna Performance Analysis of EGC and MRC Receivers over Fading Channels with Phase Estimation Error and Co-channel Interference Dr. P. R. Sahu 2014
44 Rahul Shrestha VLSI Design and Implementation of High-Throughput Turbo Decoder for Wireless Communication Systems Prof. Roy Paily P 2014
45 Sumitra Shukla Spectral Analysis of Stressed Speech for Speech Recognition Prof. S. Dandapat & Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2014
46 Ashish Kumar Namdeo Surface Acoustic Wave Devices with Non-Contact Interdigital Transducers Prof. H. B. Nemade 2015
47 Bajarangbali Identification of Process Dynamics Using Relay with Hysteresis Prof. S. Majhi 2015
48 Haris B.C. Joint Sparse Coding over Learned Dictionaries and the Use of Low-complexity Projections for Speaker Verification Dr. R. Sinha 2015
49 Ezhil Reena Joy T.P Modeling and Analysis of Electric Vehicle Charging Interface Dr. P. Kumar 2015
50 Murli Manohar Design, Fabrication and Testing of Printed Monopole Antennas for Super Wideband Applications Dr. K.R. Singh & Prof. A. K. Gogoi 2015
51 Gaurav Saxena Design, Modeling and Fabrication of Microhotplate for Gas Sensing Applications Prof. Roy Paily 2015
52 Nagesh Ch. Design and Fabrication of an Osmotic Pressure Sensor for Glucose Sensing Application Prof. Roy Paily P 2015
53 Mr. Sam Darshi Modelling and Analysis of Asynchronized Interference in Wireless Networks Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2015
54 Brijesh Kumbhani Performance Analysis of MIMO Systems: Transmit Antenna Selection, Cooperative Communications and Spatial Modulation Dr. K.R. Singh 2015
55 Ratul Kumar Baruah Modelling and Simulation of Short Channel Junctionless Transistor from an Analog Design Perspective Prof. Roy Paily 2015
56 Kuntal Deka Investigations on Binary and Non-Binary Ldpc Codes Dr. A. Rajesh & Prof. P. K. Bora 2016
57 Atul Kumar Differential Chaos Shift Keying Modulation for Cooperative and Spatial Diversity Communication Systems Dr. P. R. Sahu 2016
58 Sunil Y. Improving Children’s Speech Recognition under Mismatched Condition using Artificial Bandwidth Extension Prof. R. Sinha & Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2016
59 Rajib Jana Analysis and Design of Matched Feeds for Offset Parabolic Reflector Antennas Using Analytical and Numerical Techniques Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2016
60 Syed Shahanawazuddin Improving Children’s Mismatched ASR Through Adaptive Pitch Compensation Prof. R. Sinha 2016
61 Surya Prakash Matcha High Performance Architectures for Adaptive Equalizers using Distributed Arithmetic Dr. S. R. Ahamed 2016
62 K. T. Deepak Foreground Speech Segmentation and Enhancement Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2016
63 Somen Bhattacharjee Analysis of Printed Monopole Antennas Dr. K.R. Singh and Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2016
64 Biswajit Dev Sarma Vowel-like Region Based Acoustic-phonetic Analysis for Phone Recognition Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2017
65 Madhulika Das Design of Optimal Sliding Mode Controller for Uncertain Systems Prof. C. Mahanta 2017
66 Malaya Kumar Nath Multiscale Analysis of Diagnostic Features from Color Fundus Images Prof. S. Dandapat 2017
67 Malathi.T Estimation of Disparity Map from Stereo Image Pairs in Presence of Occlusion Dr. M. K. Bhuyan 2017
68 Neeraj Kumar A few algorithms for inverse problems in image processing Dr. Amit Sethi 2017
69 Vinay M. M Performance Improvement of Low Power LNA using Novel PVT Compensation Circuit and Current-Reuse Technique Prof. Roy Paily and Prof. Anil Mahanta 2017
70 Rajesh Kumar Tripathy New Diagnostic Features from Multilead ECG Signal for Detection of Cardiac Ailments Prof. S. Dandapat 2017
71 Sibasankar Padhy Multilead ECG data Analysis using SVD and higher-order SVD Prof. S. Dandapat 2017
72 Anurag Singh Compressed Sensing Framework for Multi-channel ECG Signals Prof. S. Dandapat 2017
73 Saroj Mondal Micro-Scale Power Management Interface Circuits for IoT Node Prof. Roy Paily 2017
74 Sai Krishna Santosh G. Surface Acoustic Wave Devices on Silicon Substrate using Patterned and Thin Film ZnO Prof. H. B. Nemade 2017
75 Abhishek R. Vahadane A Few Algorithms for Histopathological Images in Computational Pathology Dr. Amit Sethi 2017
76 Sikandar Kumar Performance Analysis of Multiantenna and Cooperative Cognitive Radio Under Spatial Correlation Dr. Sonali Chouhan 2017
77 Gaurav Jyoti Phukan Performance Improvement of Blind Classification of Digital Modulations Prof. P. K. Bora 2017
78 Nagaraj Adiga Glottal activity region based processing for Speech Synthesis Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2017
79 Himanshu Sekhar Sahu Development of New MPP Estimation Schemes and Maximizing the Power Generation of a PV Array Under Partial Shading Conditions Dr. S. K. Nayak 2017
80 Basudeba Behera Modelling, Simulation and Fabrication of Surface Acoustic Wave Motors Employing Dual Friction-drive Prof. H. B. Nemade 2017
81 Brajesh Rawat Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Graphene-based Field-Effect Transistors Prof. Roy Paily 2017
82 Shikha Rai Robust Estimation of Low Frequency Modes for On-line Stability Monitoring of Power System Dr. P. Tripathy 2017
83 Dheeraj Kumar Sinha Modeling Ambipolar Behavior under High Current Injection Regimes in Layered Semiconductor Device Structures Dr. A. Chatterjee & Dr. G. Trivedi 2017
84 Shivanshu Shrivastava SECURITY ISSUES IN COGNITIVE RADIOS Dr. A. Rajesh & Prof. P. K. Bora 2017
85 Ajay Kumar Maddirala Efficient Subspace based Techniques for Processing Single Channel Electroencephalogram Signals Dr. S. R. Ahamed 2017
87 Rohan Kumar Das Speaker Verification using Sufficient Train and Limited Test Data Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2017
88 Banriskhem K Khonglah Speech Knowledge based Broadcast Audio Classification and Phone Recognition Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2017
90 Nabanita Adhikary Design of a Few Backstepping Sliding Mode Based Robust Control Techniques for Robot Manipulators Prof. C. Mahanta 2017
91 Sunil Kumar Extraction of Facial Informative Regions and Discriminative Shared Space for Facial Expression Recognition Dr. M. K. Bhuyan 2017
92 Ankit Dalal Design and Analysis of Dual Rotor Motor for Electric Vehicle Application Dr. Praveen Kumar 2017
94 Debasish Deb INVESTIGATION ON VARIOUS ASPECTS OF MIMO RADAR Prof. R. Bhattacharjee & Dr. A Vengadarajan (Scientist G, DRDO) 2017
95 Megavath Bhaskar Naik The Solar Assisted Smart Public Transportation System and its Coordination with the Grid Dr. Praveen Kumar & Prof. Somanath Majhi 2017
96 Santosh Kr. Yadav Matrix Estimation using Shrinking of Singular Values with Applications to Signal Denoising Prof. Rohit Sinha 2017
97 Saurabh Pandey Identification Scheme for Modelling of Dead Time Processes: A Limit Cycle Approach. Prof. Somanath Majhi 2018
98 Anand Agarwal BER Analysis of UWB and mm-Wave Communication systems Adhering to IEEE 802.15 WPAN Standards Prof. K.R. Singh and Dr. A. Rajesh 2018
99 Kukil Khanikar New Strategies for Cooperative and Multi-Band Spectrum Sensing Prof. R. Sinha and Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2018
100 Bidisha Sharma Improving Quality of Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis Using Sonority Information Prof. S.R.M. Prasanna 2018
101 Biplab Ketan Chakraborty A Novel Framework for Segmentation of Skin Regions using Chromatic and Textural Information Dr. M.K. Bhuyan 2018
102 Yanumula Venkata Karteek Design and Implementation of Consensus in Multi-Agent Systems with input and Communication Time-Delays Dr. Indrani Kar and Prof. S. Majhi 2018
103 Amar Nath Yadav Design and Analysis of Balance-To-Unbalanced and Unbalanced-To-Balanced Power Dividers Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2018
104 Abhishek Sharma Novel strategies for online signature Verification using Dynamic Time Warping Dr. S. Sundaram 2018
105 Bhanu Priya Speech Subspace Modelling with Speaker Adaptation for Stress Normalization Prof. S. Dandapat 2018
106 Sandeep P GMM Priors for Image Correlations Dr. Tony Jacob 2018
107 Suman Deb Stressed Speech Analysis for Assessment of Emotion and Physical Health Prof. S. Dandapat 2018
108 Vinay Kr. Pandey Adaptive Controller Design for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems using Multiple Model Based Two Level Adaptation Technique Dr. Indrani Kar and Prof. C. Mahanta 2018
109 Bhoopal Rao Gangadari Low Power VLSI Architectures for Cryptographic Algorithms Prof. S. R. Ahamed 2018
110 Jiss J Nallikuzhy Spatial Enhancement of ECG Using Transform Domain Models Prof. S. Dandapat 2018
111 Gaurav Kr. Yadav Human Action Recognition using Differential Motion Dr. Amit Sethi and Dr. S. Krishnaswamy 2018
112 Jitendra Prajapati Analytical and Simulation Modeling of the Terzhertz Photoconductive Antennas Prof. R. Bhattacharjee and Dr. Amitabha Chatterjee 2018
113 Sameer Pawanekar Large Scale Circuit Placement and Partitioning using Nonlinear Analytical Optimization Methods Dr. Gaurav Trivedi 2018
114 Satyabrata Dash Novel Metaheuristics for the Performance Analysis and the Design Optimization of VLSI Circuits Dr. Gaurav Trivedi 2018
115 Arghya Chakravarty Adaptive Compensation Based Actuator Fault Tolerant Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems with Emphasis on Transient Performance Improvement Prof. Chitralekha Mahanta 2018
116 Venkata Ramana Kasi Identification of Process Models Using Relay Feedback Response Prof. S. Majhi and Prof. A. K. Gogoi 2018
117 Deepak Joshi Analong/ RF Circuit Optimization using Adjoint Network Sensitivity Analysis and Metaheuristics Dr. Gaurav Trivedi 2018
118 Ripudaman Singh Low Delay and Low Energy Contention Based Synchronous Mac Protocols for Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. B. K. Rai and Prof. S. K. Bose 2018
119 Karam Singh Power Efficient Motion Estimation Algorithms and Architectures for HEVC/H.265 Prof. Shaik Rafi Ahamed 2019
120 Om Prakash Singh Exploration of Sparse Representation Techniques for Language Recognition Prof. Rohit Sinha 2019
121 Harikrishna Veldandi Performance Enhancement Techniques for Low-Voltage Bulk-Driven Circuits Prof. Shaik Rafi Ahamed 2019
122 Sonali Biswas Design and Analysis of A Wearable Piezoresistive MEMS Accelerometer with Low Cross-Axis Sensitivity For Neurological Disease Diagnosis Prof. A. K. Gogoi 2019
123 Babita Jajodia Design of IR-UWB Transmitter and Receiver for IEEE 802.15.16 Wireless Body Area Network System Prof. Anil Mahanta and Dr. Shaik Rafi Ahamed 2019
124 Sunil Dutt Analysis, Design and Modeling of Approximate Adders for Error-resilient Applications Dr. Gaurav Trivedi and Prof. Sukumar Nandi 2019
125 Pawan Kumar Performance Analysis of Conventional and Wireless Powered Decode-and-Forward Relay Systems Dr. Kalpana Dhaka 2019
126 Pavan Kumar Manchi Design and Implementation of Low Power Digital Baseband Transceivers for Wireless Body Area Networks Prof. Anup Kumar Gogoi and Prof. Roy Paily 2019
127 Vivek Venugopal Exploration of Novel Descriptors for Online Writer Identification Dr. Suresh Sundaram 2019
128 Shashank Dwivedi Design of Low Power LFP Amplifier and Adaptive Neural Spike Detection Circuits Prof. A. K. Gogoi 2019
129 Vikram C M Event-Synchronous Processing of Misarticulated Stop Consonants Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2019
130 Mohd. Tasleem Khan Low Complexity Distributed Arithmetic Based Pipelined VLSI Architectures for LMS Adaptive Filters Prof. Shaik Rafi Ahamed 2019
131 Vivek Lukose Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators with Trenches and High Aspect Ratio Structures for Gas Sensing Applications Prof. H. B. Nemade 2019
132 Subhasis Mandal Novel Approaches for Basic Unit Modeling in Online Handwriting Recognition Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna and Dr. Suresh Sundaram 2019
133 Amit Vishwakarma Multi-sensor Image Fusion using Optimized and Adjustable Non-subsampled Shearlet Transform and Measurement of Fusion Performance Prof. M. K. Bhuyan 2019
134 Shubh Lakshmi Modeling and Allocation Planning for Open Unified Power Quality Conditioner to Improve Operational Performance of Radial Distribution Networks Dr. Sanjib Ganguly 2019
135 Niladri Das On the Role of the Message Dimension and the Characteristic of the Finite Field in Linear Network Coding Dr. B. K. Rai 2019
136 Sanjib Das Geometry Compression of Isomorphic and Block-isomorphic 3D Animations Prof. P. K. Bora and Prof. A. K. Gogoi 2019
137 Ramesh Kumar Bhukya Approaches for Robust Text-Dependent Speaker Veri cation Under Degraded Conditions Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna 2019
138 Sishir Kalita Objective Assessment of Cleft Lip and Palate Speech Intelligibility Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna and Prof. S. Dandapat 2019
139 Sandeep. R Projection-based Perceptual Video Hashing Prof. P. K. Bora 2019
140 Amit Kumar Baghel Enhancement of Far-field Wireless Power Transfer using Profiled Horn Antenna and Metamaterial Dr. S. K. Nayak 2020
141 Nagendra Kumar Novel Structured Dictionary Learning and The Use of Side Information in Signal Classification Prof. Rohit Sinha 2020
142 C. Upendra Reddy Performance Evaluation of Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drive Prof. Praveen Kumar 2020
143 Praveen Malik Content Adaptive Purple Fringe Detection and Correction Dr. K. Karthik 2020
144 Mridul Kanti Malakar Design and Implementation of Observers for DFIG based Wind Energy Conversion Systems Dr. Praveen Tripathy and Dr. S. Krishnaswamy 2020
145 Gaurav Kumar Design of Machine Learning Based Framework for Semiconductor Device Anaysis Dr. Gaurav Trivedi and Prof. Anil Mahanta (retd.) 2020
146 Raghavendra Dhirendra Kannao Semantic Segmentation of Television News Broadcast Videos Dr. P. Guha 2020
147 Gargi Baruah Auto-tuning of Fractional Order PID Controllers for a Class of Processes with Time Delay Prof. S. Majhi and Prof. C. Mahanta 2020
148 Anirban Bhowal Performance Analysis of Advanced Spatial Modulation Schemes for Various Applications Prof. K. R. Singh 2020
149 Ramananda Sagar Sangam Design and Snslysis of Microwave Passive Devices using Tapered Lines Prof. K. R. Singh 2020
150 Kashyap Kumar Prabhakar Variable DC-link Voltage Strategy for Direct Torque Controlled IM Dirvetrain of City-Based Electric Vehicles Prof. Praveen Kumar 2020
151 Brijesh Kumar Kushwaha Modeling and Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle Charging Prof. Praveen Kumar 2020
152 Krishna Pavan Inala Impact of Communication Systems on Distributed Node Voltage and Vehicle to Grid Controller in Smart Grid Scenario Prof. Praveen Kumar and Prof. S. K. Bose 2020
153 Akhilesh Kumar Dubey Novel Acoustic Features for Detection of Hyper-nasality in Cleft Palate Speech Prof. S. Dandapat 2020
154 Tilendra Choudhary Waveform Delineation and Analysis of Seismocardiographic Signals Prof. M. K. Bhuyan & Dr. L. N. Sharma        2020
155 Vimal Kumar Singh Yadav Micro-Cantilever Printing Based Devices and Applications Prof. R. P. Paily 2020
156 Mohit Kumar Joshi Investigation on Different Aspects of the High-Power Coaxial Magnetron and RF Windows Operating in X-band. Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2020
157 Ganji Sreeram On the Development of Hindi-English Code-Switching Speech Recognition Systems and Corups. Prof. Rohit Sinha 2020
158 Darpan Mishra Enhacning the Performance of a Silicon Photonic Optical Modulator using Device-Level Engineering Dr. R. K. Sonkar 2020
159 Dibyajyoti Das Automatic modulation, classification for MIMO Systems Prof. P.K Bora and Prof. R. Bhattacharjee 2020
160 Trushna Meher Identification of Block Oriented Nonlinear Models using Relay Prof. S. Majhi 2021