Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati-781039, India

EEE Department, IIT Guwahati

Control and Instrumentation Group C&I Lab

Research Areas
Control Theory Applications, On-Line Tuning of Industrial Controllers, Stochastic Systems, Robotics, Ultrasonic Instrumentation, Underwater Acoustics.

Research and Activities
Variations on the relay method have become a de facto standard for commercial auto-tuning controllers, though vendors rarely mention which technology they use. Commercial autotuners can be found in single-loop and multi-loop controllers, distributed control systems, programmable logic controllers, and PC-based controllers. Auto-tuning controllers from the DPR900 single loop controller introduced by Fisher Controls in 1987 through the Intelligent Tuner of Fisher’s legacy distributed control system Provox and the present-day DeltaV Tuner use the Åström-Hägglund technique. Our research on relay based tuning methods has yielded several online-tuning techniques that obtain more accurate results than the Åström-Hägglund technique without disrupting process operations during the autotune experiments. So far, the research has resulted in a patent application and a good number of publications in national and international journals/conferences.
In the area of Intelligent control, Full Factorial Design (FFD) and the V-fold techniques are used along with ANFIS to select the data for optimal training the Neural Network for modeling nonlinear systems. Then, a fuzzy logic based guaranteed cost controller is designed based on LMI approach for trajectory tracking of nonlinear systems without uncertainties.
Indian army has an extensive network of communication centers which provide the requisite voice and data support to the organization located all across the NE states. Research leading to development of a sensor and trigger mechanism is going on for shutting down their communication systems in heavy lightning situations that may cause considerable damage to communication equipments.

Sponsored Projects
Project Title Sponsoring Agencies Investigators
Gesture based Interface for Control applications DST, Govt. of India Principal Investigator:
Prof. Chitralekha Mahanta
Status: Ongoing
Study and Development of Sensor and Trigger Mechanism for Protection Against Lightning Army Technical Board, Govt. of India Principal Investigator:
Prof. S. Majhi
Prof. A.K. Gogoi
Dr. H.B.Nemade
Dr. A.Mitra
Status: Ongoing
Virtual Lab in Electronic Instrumentation Under the National Mission on Education through ICT Principal Investigator:
Prof. H. B. Nemade
Status: Ongoing
Navigation and Path Planning of Mobile Robots and Extension to Multi-Agent Systems DST, Govt. of India Principal Investigator:
Dr. Indrani Kar
Status: Ongoing