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Sponsored Projects

    Project Title: Remote Triggered Fiber Optics Communication Laboratory Funding Agency: MHRD.
    PI: Prof. Ratnajit Bhattacharjee , Prof. S. K. Bose
    CI: Prof. S. R. M. Prasanna
    Duration: 2012 to tilldate
    Status: Ongoing


Multi-Modal Broadcast Analytics – Structured Evidence Visualization for Events of Security Concern:

Project aims at Development of an integrated multi modal broadcast analytics system consisting of the following components.
  • Virtual laboratory is a tool for distance learning and/or experimentation that allows people to share knowledge, data, voice, video, tools, and many other resources.
  • It provides a suitable environment to extend, improve, integrate, refine,
  • and assist the learning and/or experimentation process of many subjects, thus contributing to an increase of the effectiveness of scientific research and widening the use of scarce or costly equipments.
  • Lab courses richly rely upon new up-to-date content and various techniques
  • that require a new synergy of knowledge and experimental implementation.

The Remote Triggered Fiber Optics Communication Laboratory involves the study of basic fiber optic properties, the losses incorporated in a fiber optic system, study of LED and detector properties. These remote triggered experiments are accessible online from anywhere in the world.


  • EXata : System level simulator for networking

  • QualNet : System level simulator

    Faculty Incharge : Dr. B.K.Rai

    Associate Faculty Incharge : Dr. A. Rajesh

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