Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati-781039, India

EEE Department, IIT Guwahati

Communication and Advanced DSP Group

Research Areas
DSP based Communication systems, Wireless Communication Systems, UWB Systems, Communication Networks, Antennas, Microwave Engg.

Research and Activities
The main focus of the research in communication and advance DSP has been on the performance analysis of modern communication systems as well as development of signal processing algorithms for the same. The research in communication involves realization of both the transmitter and receiver diversity techniques with various channel models. The statistical characteristics of mobile-to-mobile communication channel and geometrical based modeling of such channels are being investigated. The latest channel coding techniques such as the LDPC and Turbo codes have also been taken up for the performance analysis in appropriate areas. The DSP related research includes developing link performance improvement algorithms such as those for equalization, diversity and networking. A number of non-blind and blind equalization techniques are developed for this purpose. Cross layer optimization between PHY and MAC layers for MIMO systems is another thrust area of the group. The group is initiating its next major research activities on ultra wideband (UWB) communication systems. Research activities have also been started in the area of Wireless Sensor Network and IPv6.

Sponsored Projects
Project Title Sponsoring Agencies Investigators
Research in Ultra Wide Band Radio Technology and its Application DIT, Govt. of India Prof. A. Mahanta
Prof. P.K. Bora
Dr. R. Bhattacharjee
Dr. P.R. Sahu
Dr. A. K. Mishra
Dr. A. Rajesh
Efficient downloading, transmission, error correction, encryption of IRNSS data ISRO, India Dr. A. Mitra
Dr. P.R. Sahu
Dr. A. Rajesh
Effect of Fading Correlation on the performance of Equal Gain Combining Diversity Receiver in Hoyt Fading Channels DST, Govt. of India Principal Investigator:
Dr. P.R. Sahu
Dr. R. Bhattacharjee
Investigation of Diversity in Radar Imaging Parameter DST, Govt. of India Principal Investigator:
Dr. A.K. Mishra
Size miniaturization and performance enhancement of microwave devices using metamaterials based sub-wavelength resonators and components DST, Govt. of India Principal Investigator:
Dr. Rakhesh Singh Kshetrimayum
Duration: 3 years
Modeling, Simulation, and Prototype development of Continuous-Phase Single/ Multiple Cycle Modulation Scheme applicability for high data rate long range low power wireless communication system Motorola India Pvt. Ltd. Principal Investigator:
Prof. A. Mahanta
Prof. A.K. Gogoi
Prof. P.K. Bora
Dr. P.R. Sahu
Duration: 18 months
a project under Regional Program ICT-Asia bringing together French and Asian researcher having skills in areas of sensor network and IPv6
Lead Institution: GET/ENST Bretagne Project Leader at IITG:
Dr. R. Bhattacharjee

Resources Available
The hardware facilities consists of Vector Network Analyser (6 GHz), Spectrum Analyzer (1.8 GHz), Synthesized RF Generators, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (150-500 MHz), Mixed signal Oscilloscopes (100 MHz), Logic Analyzers (16 & 34+ channels), Arbitrary Waveform generators (80 MHz), Pulse generators (150 MHz), Bench-Top DMM (6.5 Digit), Timer/ Counters (10 Digits, 5 GHz), Programmable Power Supplies, LCR Meters, Digital Modulation Signal Generators etc.

Some of the available software are Matlab 7.3, IE3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software, Analog Device’s Crosscore Visual DSP++, Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, Hypersignal Graphical DSP development software, Elanix SystemView, Agilent VEE Pro, Tektronix’s Wavstar, Cadstar for PCB Design etc.