Gautam Rituraj, Ph.D.

Former Ph.D. student of E-Mobility Lab, Department of EEE, IIT Guwahati-781039, Assam, India.

I earned my Ph.D. degree at the Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE) Department, IIT Guwahati, India. I developed various approaches to maximizing the transmission efficiency (TE) and power transfer capability (PTC) of the wireless power transfer (WPT) system for EV charging applications, which are well documented in my PhD thesis. Currently, I am actively looking for job opportunities.

Thesis Supervisor: Praveen Kumar, Professor, Dept. of EEE, IIT Guwahati.


Research interests include analysing and designing the wireless charging coils and developing the power electronic circuits in the WPT system for charging of EVs. Furthermore, I am interested in developing the charging strategies for wired and wireless charging system to extend the battery life. Apart from that, it includes the design and development of the smart solar home system with multiple charging strategies for rural areas in India. At my leisure, I used to explore the technological advancements in the related field that helps me to refine the research work.


Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Doctor of Philosophy
Power Electronics & Electromagnetics

Course Work CGPA: 8.5

Thesis Title: Coupling Efficiency Improvement and Power Transfer Enhancement in Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle Charging Applications

Other projects (collaborative):

1) Design and Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle Charging (2015 - 2019)

2) A Study of Design Intervention for Discrete Off-Grid Photovoltaic Home System in Rural Lifestyle Context (2017 - 2019)

July 2013 - February 2021

Gautam Buddh Technical University Lucknow

Bachelor of Technology
Electrical Engineering

Percentage: 77.78%, First class with Hons.

Project: Smart Grid Technology based on Wireless Monitoring of Loads and Faults

July 2008 - June 2012


  • Electromagnetic design and simulation (ANSYS Maxwell)
  • MATLAB Simulink with real-time microcontroller interface
  • Altera Quartus II design software (for FPGA)
  • PCB Design (Eagle and OrCAD-PSpice)
  • Documentation (Latex and Microsoft tools)
  • Web development (HTML)
  • Prototype Development
  • Familiar with hand soldering (for SMD & through-hole components)
  • PCB fabrication with LPKF PCB machine
  • Familiar with ATmega328 microcontroller and FPGA (Altera Cyclone II)
  • Sensor interface and gate driver circuits design, three-phase inverter, high-frequency single-phase inverter, power supply for gate driver circuit, high-frequency inductor, charging coil, contactless battery charging system design, and smart solar photovoltaic home system.

Professional Activities

Professional Memberships

  • Student Member IEEE
  • IEEE Power and Energy Society Member
2015 - Present

Invited Reviewer of the Journals

  • IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
  • IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification
  • IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics
  • IEEE Power Electronics Letters
  • IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
  • IET Power Electronics
  • IET Electric Power Applications

Teaching Assistantship

  • EE-381: Electrical Machines Laboratory, Autumn 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.
  • EE-102: Basic Electronics Laboratory, Spring 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.
  • Mentor in Pear Assisted Learning (PAL) program for EE-101: Basic Electrical, Spring 2016 and 2018.

2014 - 2018

Awards & Achievements

  • GATE scholarship by Ministry of HRD, Government of India for PhD: July 2013-18.

In academics
  • The editorial board of London Journal of Engineering Research (LJER) has recognised me under "Quarterly Franklin Membership" (Membership ID#WS18313) on 27 July 2018.

  • Received best model award for model competition in the RESEARCH CONCLAVE 2016, organized by Students’ Academic Board, IIT Guwahati.

  • An article related to a work titled "Wireless charging system for Electric Vehicles: Analysis & Design" was published in Autocar Professional Magazine, April 2016 issue .

  • A prototype on "Wireless charging system for EVs" was selected for exhibition in MAKE IN INDIA WEEK 2016 held at Mumbai.

  • Successfully completed one month training in the field of "Manufacturing Process of Insulator and Ceralin Bends" during June 22 to July 21, 2011 at BHEL Jagdishpur.

  • Placed among the top 10% in Part A of the Physics Olympiad Examination 2005-06 (class XII level) in district level.

In extracurricular activities
  • Attended webinar on the topic " Conductive Charging of Electrified Vehicles: Challenges and Opportunities," from Power Electronics And Renewable energies Laboratory (PEARL), ShanghaiTech University; organized by IEEE Transportation Electrification Community, August 2020.

  • Attended webinar on the topic "Wireless Charging for Autonomous Electrified Micro-mobility Devices: A Real-world Solution for Smart Cities to be Pandemic-ready," from STEER group, ASSET laboratory, Onterio Tech University, Canada; organized by IEEE Transportation Electrification Community, July 2020.

  • Attended webinar on the topic " Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle Technology," from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; organized by IEEE Transportation Electrification Community, June 2020.

  • Attended webinar on the topic "Smart Battery Energy Management and Health Conscious Fast Charging for Future Transport," from STEER group, ASSET laboratory, Onterio Tech University, Canada; organized by IEEE Transportation Electrification Community, June 2020.

  • Attended webinar on the topic "High Efficiency Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles," from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, San Diego State University; organized by IEEE Transportation Electrification Community, May 2019.

  • Attended webinar on the topic "120 kW High-Power Wireless Charging System Development," from Oak Ridge National Laboratory; organized by IEEE Transportation Electrification Community, Feb 2019.

  • Contributed (mainly in the lab experiments) in the Faculty development programme on "Power Electronics" jointly organized by Electronics & ICT Academies and supported by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, held from 11th–20th December, 2017.

  • Implementation of existing cycle into hybrid-cycle (electric+paddle) first time (April,2016) in the institute and it is working fine since then.

  • Worked as a member of core committee and Head of Public Relation team in ADVAYA 2015 (PG Cultural fest, IIT Guwahati).

  • Worked as a member of Event Management team in ADVAYA 2014 (PG Cultural fest, IIT Guwahati).

  • Received first prize in skits competition (participated in a group), in National Techfest, Arunima 2011, organized by BSACET Mathura.

  • Received first prize in model presentation (Smart Grid Technology) in Techfest RECKON 2011, organized by M.M. Agrawal group of Institutions.



  • G. Rituraj and P. Kumar, "Unipolar coil arrangement method for improving the coupling factor and reducing the electromagnetic emissions in wireless power transfer systems and a coil thereof," Indian Patent Application 201931003386, filed on 28 Jan 2019, published on 01 Mar 2019 (support provided by Patent Information Centre - ASTEC Guwahati - Assam).




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