IIT Guwahati is organizing a one day brainstorming workshop on developing industry-academia collaborations to enhance entrepreneurship development, innovation and technology commercialization in the North East (NE). Through this workshop we are planning to form a consortium comprising of entrepreneurs, medical doctors, academicians, engineers and scientists, and political leaders from India and abroad who will facilitate the development of talents, infrastructure and processes to make the NE region a premier location for transnational biomedical engineering and biotechnology (BEBT) research and development.

IIT Guwahati always strives to make visible contributions towards the greater Indian vision of progress. We believe that IITG can be a powerful vehicle in taking the whole NE region in that direction, making it a breeding ground of advanced technology innovations and creating the seeds for entrepreneurship in BEBT in the region.

Key areas of discussion :

  • To facilitate multidisciplinary research for the areas which can have direct impact on rural India.

  • To develop cost-effective medical technologies and healthcare solutions for low resource settings.

  • To develop an effective process for developing technology initiatives focused on specific customer needs in India and he emerging markets.

  • To develop a framework for participation of scientists and engineers in multinational healthcare R&D projects.