Computation of Three Dimensional Flow Field in a Spiral Casing of a Hydraulic Turbine (Completed) BHEL (Bhopal), India
Development of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Code (Completed) DRDL (Hyderabad), India
Noise Removal, Three Dimensional Reconstruction and Data Retrieval for Optical Images of Stratified Fluids (Completed) DST (New Delhi), India
Modeling and Simulation of Enhanced Oil Recovery using Parallel Computers (Completed) DST (New Delhi), India
Unsteady Separated Flow in the Wake of a Square Cylinder in a Channel: Numerical and Experimental Study (Completed) AR&DB, India

Application of Vortex Generators and Oval Tube to Enhance Performance Air-cooled Condensers and Other Heat Exchangers, A joint research project through International Research Initiative between Yokohama National University (Japan), Idaho National Eneregy and Environment Laboratory (USA) and IIT Kanpur (Completed)

Large Eddy Simulations of Flows in A Rectangular Channel With a Built-In Winglet Pair (Completed) ARDB (Bangalore), India
CFD Code for Thermal Hydraulics of Neutron Spallation Target for Accelerator Driven Sub-Critical Systems (Completed) BRNS Mumbai, India
Developemnt of a Computer Code on Pressure Based Navier-Stokes Solver for Unstructed Meshes (Completed) Fluent India, Pune
Numerical Simulation of Heterogeneous Bubble Growth (Completed) (MHRD, R&D), Govt of India
Numerical and Experimental Studies on Boiling Heat Transfer for Improved Heat Exchangers (Completed) DST (New Delhi), India
Enhancement of Heat Transfer using Vortex Generators in Common-Flow-Up Configuration (Completed) CSIR, India
Analysis of gas injection system and Gas-heavy metal separation system of Gas-Driven Spallation target for Accelerator Driven System (Completed) BRNS, India


Analysis and Modified Design of Water Cooled Roof Panels at EOF for Steel Making (Completed) TISCO (Jamshedpur), India

Environmental Control System Analysis for the LCA (Completed)
HAL (Lucknow), India
Development of Design Methodology CAD Software for Centrifugal Blowers (Completed) Singhasini Machines (Kanpur), (India)

Analysis of KADECS Vapour Core Pump (Completed)
HAL (Lucknow), India