Workshop on Video
A 6 day workshop focussing on the medium of video was conducted by Dr. Kaushik Bhoumik, Vice President of Osian's-Connoisseurs of Art. Dr Bhoumik has published extensively on Bombay and World Cinema. His recent writings cover modern Indian Art.

It started with a talk on films as a medium of expression. The use of colour, light, sound and space was discussed with the help of videos. Dr Bhoumik stressed on a comprehensive cultural understanding as a pre requisite to designing films. The workshop proceeded with further deliberations on expression in silent films. These were divided into two types- narrative films and serpentine films. The art of each was analysed. It opened up avenues of seeing cinema as a poetic show that fluidly creates a play of illusion. Furthermore, American Cinema-- its attitude, sense of dialogue, perception of modernity and portrayal of madness of middle class--was also reviewed. Lastly, Cinema and Design were compared as mutually inclusive fields.

During the workshop, the participants were divided into various teams. Each team analysed how they perceive expressions. Thereafter, they shot a video based on any chosen expression. At this time, it was stressed that the faculty of perception can be developed extensively through practice. Only by looking out can a person better understand self. People who know multiple languages, understand the nuances of their mother tongue the best. People who travel and experience a number of destinations, appreciate their own soil the most.

The workshop culminated with each team screening their video. These were critically assessed by instructors who gave an exhaustive feedback to each team on their work.

Workshop instructor: Dr. Kaushik Bhoumik
Workshop coordinator: Mriganka Madhukalya

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