Workshop - Visual Display Design Scientific Way of Representation

A display design is a way of representation of information about objects, events, situations to people through their eyes. Sometimes the visual display is used in addition to information gained by observing the event or situation directly. But in some circumstances the display may be the only source of information available to the people. The major applications of visual display designs are in the areas of instrument display, signboards (advertisements), retail display, exhibition, website, audio visual display etc. In 21st century the visual display designs are adopting newer scientific modes of representation of multi-dimensional information content. In order to confront this new role, there is a necessity for faculties as well as practitioners involved in such activities, to acquire the essential knowledge of the scientific basis of visual display design technology and its application. In view of the above a workshop is designed named “Visual Display Design: scientific way of representation”. The workshop objective is to promote the scientific basis and knowledge in the designing of visual displays

Course Instructor: Urmi Salve and Nanki Nath

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