Tool Box is an initiative started under the guidance of Prof. Iko Avital and Associate Professor Noni Avital with an aim to initiate knowledge sharing among peers. It is a non credit night studio where students give lectures based on previous professional or artistic experiences. These are followed by intense discussions and Q&A sessions on the day's topic. It’s an open platform where students from all disciplines are encouraged to participate- both as lecturers and attendees. The only criterion is an interest in exchange of ideas and a will to share knowledge.

The foundation of this studio lies in the interdisciplinary mix of current students in the department. The platform utilizes the inherent diversity and individuality that comes with a unique educational & cultural background of each student. One session focuses on the working of car engines as explained by a mechanical engineering graduate while the next series of sessions feature Photoshop, SketchUp and Rhinoceros tutorials by an architect. Students teach students. This platform helps to fine tune professional behaviour by filing any gaps that may have been left in regular courses. Several professors-- most notably Prof Avinash Shinde & Prof Utpal Barua-- have also helped and guided through lectures.

Art Nights are one of the most interesting experiments being conducted under Tool Box. Every Sunday, participants sketch while listening to songs, philosophy etc to come out with individual perceptions. It is an interesting exercise to break away from rules and draw likes a child- straight from one's soul. Art nights are an attempt to examine, enjoy and open imagination to unique perceptions of color, form, imagination and the conscious/ subconscious play of our minds. Tool Box is an innovative undertaking that suggests possible alternate ways to widen creative domains through mutual exchange of knowledge.

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