Workshop - Lighting design
lighting design

A week long workshop on “Lights Using Everyday Objects” was organised from 8th-13th August, 2011. It was conducted by Raoul Schoumaker. He is a Senior Designer and faculty of Industrial Design studies: Belgium (la Cambre), USA (R.I.S.D) and also head of a design consulting firm located in Belgium and Italy.

The workshop started with lectures focussing on the theme of innovation and experimentation. The scope of creating a new product through an amalgamation of two or more technologies was examined. Theoretical lectures were followed by intensive hands on explorations. Students were divided into teams and asked to make a useful and applicable lighting product using everyday objects (unused waste) and a LED. A sustainable and eco-friendly solution was to be thought. Each team started by brainstorming about potential materials and the function of the product. Based on these ideas, a final product was developed. This was then produced in the departmental workshop. Mr. Schoumaker paid personal attention to each team helping them formulate an idea, develop and execute it.

Shown in the accompanying picture is a table lamp made out of unused bottle caps, cycle spokes and LED. The colour of the lamp could be changed to suit the mood and ambience. It creates interesting patterns on the wall, merging product with environment.

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