Projects: IIT Hyderabad Logo Design

Logo Design Brief

Inventions and innovations are key words on which the foundation of IIT Hyderabad is based. These are also key drivers for the vision of IIT Hyderabad. Our endeavour is to create an institute that will provide a space for free and uninhibited thinking, a space where faculty and students can experiment with novel ideas without the fear of failure. It is our firm belief that such an ambience will foster highest level of research: blue sky research as well as developmental research leading to proof of concepts and prototypes. IIT Hyderabad will always strive to offer an innovative environment to realize the dreams of its faculty and students for higher knowledge, dreams for scientific discovery, and for technology creation.

Design Concept

The design philosophy of the logo is based on the two key words ‘Inventions and Innovations’, the foundation and vision of IIT Hyderabad. It is depicted using two i’s with common dot above them. These letters emanates outwards on either directions signifying expansion and growth of that knowledge. This reflects the core values of the institute where it fosters and facilitates in expanding ones intellectual ability, creativity, research and scientific discoveries. The concept of expansion also stands for its tag line ‘Pushing Frontiers’. The identity is a symbolic representation of a person reading a book. This indicates imparting knowledge through quality education. The logo has also been envisaged with another deeper and philosophical meaning. The circle in the logo depicts the sun, the primary source of energy. The portrayal of sun symbolizes guiding light, force, creation, growth and strength. The warm and radiating colour scheme is derived from the vibrant sunlight (which also reflects the geographical climate of the city). The two letters of i’s are placed together in such a way that it forms the letter ‘H’ – acronym of Hyderabad.

A project by Dr. D. Udaya Kumar

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