Pre-requisites : CS201

Syllabus :
Software and Software Engineering The Software Process: Process models Modeling: Requirements engineering, requirements modeling, UML, design concepts, etc. Quality Management Product metrics Process and project metrics Software estimation techniques Software testing strategies Project scheduling Risk management Maintenance.

Texts :
1. Pressman, R.S., Software Engineering: A Practioner's Approach, McGraw Hill, seventh edition, 2010.

References :
1. Sommerville, Ian, Software Engineering, Addison-Wesley, fifth edition, 2000.
2. Jalote, P., An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering, Narosa Publishing House, second edition, 2003.
3. Bennett S., McRobb S. & Farmer R., Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design using UML, Tata McGraw-Hill, second edition, 2004.