Pre-requisites : NIL

Syllabus :
Set theory: sets, relations, functions, countability; Logic: formulae, interpretations, methods of proof, soundness and completeness in propositional and predicate logic; Number theory: division algorithm, Euclid's algorithm, fundamental theorem of arithmetic, Chinese remainder theorem, special numbers like Catalan, Fibonacci, harmonic and Stirling; Combinatorics: permutations, combinations, partitions, recurrences, generating functions; Graph Theory: paths, connectivity, subgraphs, isomorphism, trees, complete graphs, bipartite graphs, matchings, colourability, planarity, digraphs; Algebraic Structures: semigroups, groups, subgroups, homomorphisms, rings, integral domains, fields, lattices and boolean algebras.

Texts :
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2. R. C. Penner, Discrete Mathematics: Proof Techniques and Mathematical Structures, World Scientific, 1999.

References :
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