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IDDetails of Book ChapterYear
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1S Chakraborty, S Chakraborty, S Nandi and S Karmakar, "Sensory Data Gathering for Road-Traffic Monitoring: Energy Efficiency, Reliability and Fault-tolerance", Modelling and Processing for Next Generation Big Data Technologies and Applications", Springer Series: Modelling and OptimiSation in Science and Technology, Springer, 20152015
2Nilkanta Sahu and Arijit Sur, "Scalable Video Watermarking : A Survey", Innovative Research in Attention Modeling and Computer Vision Applications", Rajarshi Pal, IGI Global Publication, Scalable Video Watermarking : A Survey, 365 - 387, 20152015
3Pinaki Mitra, "An Analysis of Data Link Control Protocols", CUTTING EDGE RESEARCH IN TECHNOLOGIES", Constantin Volosencu, InTech, 4, 85 -- 92, 20152015