November 3rd - 4th, 2017
Sensitization Workshop
Technological Empowerment of Women
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Speakers' Profile
Dr. (Mrs.) Manju Sharma

DR. (MRS.) MANJU SHARMA is a distinguished biologist, nationally and internationally recognized for her monumental contributions in promotion of science and technology, in particular the emerging field of biotechnology. With her vision, dedication and sustained efforts she is largely responsible for the rapid progress of biotechnology research, application and commercialization in the country. She has played a pivotal role in taking up the cause of women in science and application of science and technology for the benefit of women, disadvantaged people and rural areas. Trained as a Plant Scientist, She received the Birbal Sahni Memorial Gold Medal. For the past quarter of a century, Dr. Manju Sharma has worked in various capacities in the Government of India as well as other organizations that includes As the Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, GoI. Presently, Dr.(Mrs.) Sharma is Distinguished Woman Scientist Chair Professor and Advisor, NASI’S New Initiatives in The National Academy of Sciences, India. She has received many awards and recognition notable being Padma Bushan from Govt of India in 2007. Dr. Manju Sharma has left her mark as a researcher, science promoter and manager in all the areas she has dealt with and the positions she has occupied.

Dr. (Mrs). Godbole Rohini Madhusudan

Dr. Godbole Rohini Madhusudan is a professor at the Centre for High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore specialized in ‘Elementary Particle Physics: Field Theory and Phenomenology’. She has worked at TIFR and University of Mumbai and Staff Associate of the International Centre for theoretical Physics (ICTP). Also, she has been a visiting professor at University of Dortmund (Germany), CERN (Geneva) , DESY(Hamburg) and Univ. of Utrecht (Netherlands) and a recipient of Van der Walls Chair at the Amsterdam Institute of Physics and Astronomy. She has been Chief Editor, Pramana, Indian Journal of Physics, 2008- 2016 and Associate Editor 1998-2008. She has won many awards and distinction. Some of the recent ones are: The distinguished alumnus Award of the Indian Institute of Technology (Powai), S.N. Bose medal of the INSA for Theoretical Physics, DST J C Bose Fellowship of the Government of India, 'Honoris Causa' from S.N.D.T Women's University and Prof. Archna Sharma Memorial lecture award of NASI. She was a plenary speaker at the first International conference on Women in Physics organised by the International Union of Pure, and Applied Physics (IUPAP) as the 'Indian Success Story', co-edited books for inspiring young girls to take up a career in Science and so on.

Dr. Madhoolika Agrawal

Dr. Madhoolika Agrawal is the Head of the Department of Botony in Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi. She received her Masters securing first position and Doctoral degree from BHU. Earlier, she worked in ITRC, Lucknow as Scientist B in 1983 and later as professor in BHU from 1999 onwards. She is specialized in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. She is a conferee of many awards and distinctions, recent ones being 10th R.C. Dalela Oration award of The Academy of Environmental Biology in 2014 and Professor Shri Ranjan Memorial Lecture Award of National Academy of Sciences in 2016. She was a member of various Committees and Boards including Expert Committee of Woman Scientist programme of DST (2008-2013), Committee on Atmospheric Brown Cloud, UNEP and Executive member of RAPIDC program of SIDA, Sweden. She has done landmark contributions in various ecological and environmental conservations like assessment of long terms consequences of air emissions on ecosystem transformation for tropical deciduous vegetation, Crop loss assessment under tropospheric ozone stress, nutrient management of stresses and so on.

Dr. (Mrs.) Veena Tandon

Dr. Veena Tandon is a NASI Senior Scientist Platinum Jubilee Fellow, Biotech Park in Lucknow. She was earlier a professor of Zoology in North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. She is specialized in Parasitology- Helminthology; Molecular Taxonomy and genomics of potential zoonoses of worm origin, Bioprospection and anthelmintic efficacy of plants used in traditional medicinal practice in Northeast India. In recent times, she was a Member-at Large on Executive Council of World Federation of Parasitologists (2006-2014), member of Review and Advisory Monitoring Committee of ZSI, MoE&F, GOI, 2011-15 and life member of Helminthological Society of India, Indian Science Congress Association. She was also Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Parasitic Diseases (Springer) in 2016. She has received Padma Shri Award in 2016 by President of India and Dr. S.C. Baugh Memorial Gold Medal, Helminthological Society of India, University of Lucknow in the same year.

Dr Archana Thakur

Dr Archana Thakur is a Joint Secretary in University Grants Commission, New Delhi. She is M.Sc Gold medalist from Banaras Hindu University and has worked as Scientist in Jawahar Nehru University, New Delhi and abroad. She has contributed a major role in Co-ordinating empowered committees like MHRD-UGC task free to “Review the Measures for ensuring safety of Women on campuses and programs for gender sensitization to access the situation prevailing in all institutions of higher learning to ensure freedom, safety and security of girls and women in particular and framing of regulations thereon. Recently, she was entrusted to Co-ordinate the 7th Pay Review Committee constituted to review the pay revision of the academic staff of the Universities & Colleges. She also supervised various scheme of Central, Deemed and State Universities Co-ordinated various working groups/committees in policies of higher education regulation and reforms. She was also a Visitors nominee in Tripura University and member of prestigious academic bodies in India.

Dr. Padma Srivastava

Dr. Padma Srivastava is a Professor in Department of Neurology, AIIMS, New Delhi. She has special interests in Stroke, and Multiple Sclerosis. She is the National Co-ordinator for SITS-NEW, SITS-SEARS registries and had initiated and is in-charge of the thrombolysis program in AIIMS. She has over 200 publications and several projects on Stroke including acute treatment strategies, restorative therapies such as stem cells in stroke and cerebral palsy, post stroke epilepsy, stroke-in- young and Functional Imaging in Stroke. She is on board for the National Stroke Surveillance Program, Nodal officer for Stroke program for Govt. of India, the HP, Rajasthan, UP, Telangana, AP, stroke mentor, The National Stroke Preventative Program and is the Past President of the Indian Stroke Association. Recently, she was conferred Padmashree by Govt. of India in the year 2016.

Dr. Latha Rangan

Dr. Latha Rangan is a faculty in Biosciences and Bioengineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati since 2004. She has a key role in plant biotechnology and sustainable development in thrust areas of energy security, food security and medicinal crops. She had earlier held the post of Associate Dean, Student Affairs at IIT Guwahati looking into the matters of Women scholars. Dr Rangan is the recipient of awards from different societies and Institute notable being Prof Hiralal Chakravarty Award Instituted by Indian Science Congress Association. Dr Rangan has also played a vital role in the research and extension programme at IIT Guwahati and has diverse interest including role of women in shaping science and society. She is also a key member for coordinating of Government of India’s UNNAT Bharat Abhiyan program at IIT Guwahati. She is also involved with another scientific extension program and viz. Rashtriya Avvishkaar program of IIT Guwahati and actively involved in the outreach of these flagship programs at the Institute.

Dr. Anumita Paul

Dr. Anumita Paul completed her BSc (chemistry) from Hindu College, Delhi university and pursued her MSc at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. She obtained her PhD degree from Columbia university with specialization in chemistry. She carried out her post-doctoral research work at Carnegie Mellon university and later on at Stanford Research Institute. She joined the department of chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay as an assistant professor and following a short stint there she moved to Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati where she is presently a professor of chemistry. Her current research interest is focussed on development of nanoscale materials with theranostic potential. The research team led by her is also interested in hierarchical organization of nanoscale particles using fundamental principles of coordination chemistry. She has published more than 50 research papers and has two patents to her credit. She has served the women complaint committee as the convener and has been a representative member of the committee for security aspect of women (chemistry).

Dr. Rama Bhargava

Dr. Rama Bhargava is a professor at the department of Mathematics and Dean in Administration, IIT Roorke. She has received Chancellor’s gold medal in M.Sc. for highest marks in PG from University of Roorke. She has received various awards, recent of them being ‘Best paper award’ in ICMSCMA Zurich 2016, ‘INSA Exchange Award for UK’ from Royal Society of London & INSA in 2010, Australian Endeavour Executive Award and so on. Recently, she had been Member of Board of Governers and the Institute Finance Committee, IIT Roorkee. She has published more than 140 research papers in international journals and conferences and delivered many Invited Talks and Keynote talks at different Conferences/Symposiums.

Dr. Paramjit Khurana

Dr. Paramjit Khurana is an Indian scientist in Plant Biotechnology and is presently Professor in the Department of Plant Molecular Biology in the University of Delhi. Dr Khurana's career achievements cover Wheat and Seribiotechnology, Comparative Genomics, in wheat biotechnology genetic transformation of Indian wheat for abiotic stress tolerance, development of mulberry transgenics capable of withstanding salinity and drought stress conditions, effective genetic engineering strategies leading to stress tolerance in crop plants and sustaining agriculture under changing climatic conditions. As professor she has mentored 10 Post-Doctorates, 15 Ph.D scholars, 4 M.Phil. and 20 Master’s students. Her major contribution has been to develop all-weather crops which would enable rise of the India's productivity several fold. Khurana is recipient of the ‘Certificate of Honour’ awarded by the Gantavaya Sansthan on International Women’s Day (2011), and Professor Archana Sharma Memorial Award of the Indian Science Congress Association in 2011-2012 part from being Fellow of All the three major Academic Societies of India.