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Collaborative Pilot Project

Concept of the collaborative project

The unplanned development of hilly watersheds leads to severe impact on the hydrology in terms of sediment yield and downstream flooding. Solution of such undesirable problems basically requires a holistic approach at the watershed level. Therefore, it is proposed that CoE will prepare a guideline for a comprehensive project and different components of the entire project will be implemented through different government department. Need of involving different departments has basically arisen due to the fact that the responsibility and authority of implementing different project components lies with different government department as per present government structure. As for example, catchment treatment will have to be taken up by the forest department and soil conservation department, whereas development of an adequate drainage system will be the joint responsibility of Municipal Corporation, PWD and Water Resources department. Similarly Revenue department will have to play a vital role in the entire project and land settlement issue lies with the Revenue department. So it was proposed that a pilot project will be undertaken by CoE involving different government departments with a primary objective of creating a link between field and research.
As such a Technical Core Committee (TCC) was formulated with the members of following government departments:

  • Guwahati Development Department
  • Guwahati Municipal Corporation              
  • Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority
  • Soil Conservation Department                  
  • Water Resources Department                   
  • Public Works Department (PWD)
  • Assam Science Technology and  Environment Council
  • Revenue Department
  • Science &  Technology Department
  • Environment & Forest Department

Members of TCC

First TCC Meeting on 16th June 2010 Meeting Minute Meeting Photographs
Second TCC Meeting on 3rd July, 2010 Meeting Minute Meeting Photographs