Centre of Excellence (CoE)


Integrated Landuse Planning and Water Resource Management (ILPWRM)

Sponsored by Ministry of Urban Developments (MoUD), Govt. of India



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The Centre of Excellence for "Integrated Landuse Planning and Water Resource Management (ILPWRM)" is a Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD, Govt. of India) sponsored project under the Civil Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. The Centre is focused specifically on urban flood and other hazards associated with developmental activities in Guwahati and aimed at developing a model that may be used for other urban centers in the North Eastern region.The Centre is developed to look into different aspects of landuse keeping in view the environmental sensitivity of the hill states of Northeast India. The Centre will focus on development of hilly catchments with the concept of integrated planning, so that water related hazards of the city can be mitigated. Another objective of the Centre will also provide technical support towards various aspects of planning and development. The ultimate goal of the Centre is to serve as a knowledge hub and data center in Northeast India for any activities related to urban development.


Mission and Vision



To carryout solution oriented research works to minimize water related hazards that occurs in hilly urban area due to haphazard and erroneous development in the catchments


Sustainable development of hilly urban area through holistic planning


Objectives of the Centre


  • To develop necessary digital topographic database required for urban planning in hilly areas
  • To develop  GIS based rainfall-runoff and sediment yield model applicable in hilly urban areas
  • Establishing an experimental watershed for evaluating impact of urbanization in hilly area
  • Development of  optimal ecological management practices for controlling sediment and water yield from a hilly watershed
  • To develop a model for calculating carrying capacity of hilly terrain of the city based on sustainable use of the available water and land resources and with the constraints of maintaining ecological balance
  • Development of a knowledge hub  for providing technical backup
  • To impart training program to local urban bodies
  • Preparation of a pilot project  for a hilly watershed in collaboration with various stakeholders for implementing  integrated land use planning