Designing Artificial Conversations

Workshop on Voice User Interfaces

Mar 01-03, 2018 | Centre for Linguistic Science and Technology

Voice User Interfaces are here to stay! Personal assistants, Chatbots, Dialog based interactions in hands-free scenarios, IVRs and other applications are presenting users with novel interactions. It also brings excitement along with challenges for everyone dealing with the design and development of such interfaces.

In a one-of-its-kind 3 day long workshop, we focus on the many specific speech technologies that may be applied to voice user interface design: speech recognition, speech synthesis, and voice biometrics. As a attendee, you will form groups that design specific solutions. You will also participate in discussion sessions considering design philosophy, styles of conversation, the immediate future of speech and AI, and a proposed ontology for practical conversational design.


Chief Scientist

Enterprise Integration Group

Bruce Balentine is a design consultant specializing in speech, audio, and multimodal user interfaces. In almost three decades of work with speech recognition and related speech technologies, Balentine has designed user interfaces for telecommunications, desktop multimedia, entertainment, language training, medical, in-vehicle, and home automation products. As Chief Scientist for EIG and head of EIG Labs, he leads EIG's ongoing speech recognition usability R & D program, and in addition to providing professional IVR consulting services instructs at EIG workshops. He is also the Author of the industry best-seller; "How to Build a Speech Recognition Application," the definitive style guide for IVR design. He received his Undergraduate degree in 1971 and his Master's in 1975 from the University of North Texas with work in electronic music and intermedia. Know More



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