Dr. Varadhan SKM

Session Co-Chair: Medical diagnostics and Therapeutics

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Mechanics

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

email: skm[at]iitm.ac.in

Brief Introduction

Dr. Varadhan received his PhD in Kinesiology from Penn State University, USA in 2012. During his PhD, Varadhan investigated how discrete and cyclical movements are differentially organized in an abundant motor system. Since 2012, he has been working at his alma mater, IIT Madras as Assistant Professor of Applied Mechanics, in the Biomedical Engg group. His research interests are in the broad areas of control of human movements and motor learning and rehabilitation. His recent research has focussed on learning, unlearning and relearning of novel motor tasks. The findings from this research emphasize the differences between learning of movements and cognitive learning. His current research is on transfer of learnt motor skills to the untrained hand in the presence of a Virtual reality feedback