Dr. Kaushalkumar A. Desai

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering, IIT Jodhpur

Karwad, Jodhpur

email: kadesai[at]iitj.ac.in

Brief Introduction

Kaushal A Desai received B. E. in Production Engineering and M. E. in Mechanical Machine Design from Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidhyala, Sardar Patel University, V V Nagar, Gujarat in 2001 and 2005 respectively. He received PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 2011. During 2009-2010, he worked as guest researcher at Manufacturing Metrology Division, National Institute of Standards of Technology, Gaithersburg, USA. Since 2014, he is an Assistant Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. He has been instrumental in developing Advanced Manufacturing and Metrology Laboratory at IIT Jodhpur. His research interests are in the area of CNC Machine Tools, Metrology, New Product Development and 3-D Printing.


Application of 3-D Printing in Medical Device Development: A Case Study of Neck Chamber Device Development: Neck collar device is widely practiced method of autonomic function assessment in sophisticated Autonomic Function Research Laboratories. There are several limitations associated with existing neck collar devices e.g. discomfort to patients due to a tight seal around the neck, inability to perform unilateral testing of carotid baroreceptors, possibility of stimulating other neck receptors and cost of the device. The talk will focus on design and indigenous development of a novel neck chamber device to overcome these limitations. The device consists of independent outer suction mechanism and an inner suction cum pressure chamber. The outer mechanism consists of four suction cups to grip the device over human neck, while the inner cup was connected to a pump which can create controlled positive and negative pressure inside the chamber. After obtaining Institutional Ethics Clearance of AIIMS Jodhpur, 20 young healthy volunteers within age 20-25 years were recruited for the testing. The neck chamber stimulation was given in steps of -20, -40, -60, 0, +20, +40 and +60 mm of Hg as per standard test protocol of autonomic function assessment. The changes in RR interval, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure were recorded using experimental facilities at Autonomic Function Laboratory (AFL), AIIMS Jodhpur. The talk will focus on importance of 3-D printing during design and development of a device and subsequently meeting requirements of medicine professionals.