Dr. Aparna Dixit

Assistant Professor

Molecular Neurobiology

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research

Brief Introduction

Dr. Aparna received her M.Sc degree in Biotechnology from Jiwaji University Gwalior, PhD from Department of Biotechnology, DRDE, Gwalior, and Post-doctoral training from National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi and University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA. She Joined National Brain Research Centre (NBRC) as Assistant Professor in July 2014 in an AIIMS/NBRC funded DBT project "Centre of Excellence for epilepsy (CoE)". She is still one of the collaborators in CoE (www.coeepilepsy.in). She has joined Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research, University of Delhi on 1st September 2017. She is the Co-ordinator of Human Physiology course work in ACBR. Her group is trying to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying epileptogenesis and/or drug-resistance in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy (DRE). This study involves human tissue which is an important resource to unravel molecular mechanisms responsible for refractoriness in epilepsy as compared to the animal models and also bridges the gap between basic and clinical research. Her group is performing genomic, transcriptomic and epileptogenic network analysis of epileptic tissues resected from the brains of DRE patients undergoing surgery to identify the genes and gene networks associated with DRE. Her group is also trying to investigate and evaluate the role of inflammatory mediators (cytokines, chemokines, growth factors) and epigenetic modifications (DNA methylation & miRNA) in DRE. These studies will not only provide important insight into the understanding of the pathophysiology or genomic basis of DRE but may also identify potential diagnostic/prognostic markers of DRE. She received Young Investigator's Award, Best poster & Travel Award in 31st International Epilepsy Congress (IEC), Istanbul, 2015 and her paper published in PNAS was selected for Alan Berman Research Publication Award at the Naval Research Laboratory, Maryland USA (2015). She has received grants from DBT and a synergy grant from PSA Office (principle scientific advisor to Govt. of India). She is the member of various professional bodies like Indian Academy of Neurosciences, Indian Epilepsy Society & Neurological society of India. She has more than 25 publications through her research including journals like PNAS, JBC and Scientific Reports.