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Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM)


Make: Carl Zeis

Model : ΣIGMA


Working Principle: The FESEM  in  contrary  to  convention  scanning  electron  microscopy  (SEM),  produces  clearer, less electrostatically distorted images with high spatial resolution down to 1 nanometre. The field-emission  cathode  in  the  electron  gun  of  the  instrument provides  narrower  probing beams  at  low  as  well  as  high  electron  energy,  resulting  in  both  improved  spatial  resolution and  minimized  sample  charging  and  damage  though  the  detectors  viz.  in-lens  SE  (in-lens secondary) , SE (secondary electron) and BS backscatter electron) detectors.

Applications: The   instrument   gives morphological  and  topographical  as  well  as  elemental information  of  a  wide  variety  of samples  (material,  biological,  chemical  etc.)    at  magnifications  of  10X  to  300,000X.


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