Dr. Ranjan Das

Title: Retrieval of Parameters in Heat Transfer Problems Involving Thermal Radiation
Main supervisor: Prof. Subhash C. Mishra
Abstract: The area of inverse problems require an efficient CFD platform as well as competent optimization tool. Observing the advantages of the LBM and the GA it is therefore decided to implement them in the field of transient conduction-radiation heat transfer problems. In the present work, the usage of the LBM is applied to the inverse heat transfer problems involving thermal radiation. The energy equations are solved using the LBM and the FVM is used to compute the radiative information. For reconstruction of thermal fields and estimation of unknown parameters, in the inverse analysis, the GA is used as an optimization tool.  Various classes of inverse problems solved include 1D Cartesian, 2D Cartesian, 1D Cylindrical, 1D non-fourier, 1D variable thermal conductivity and 1D mixed boundary conduction-radiation heat transfer problems.
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