Dr. D. Vasanth

Title: Preparation, Characterization and Applications of Low Cost Ceramic Membranes
Supervisors: Dr. G. Pugazhenthi and Prof. R. Uppaluri
The Ph.D. thesis enabled the identification of low cost inorganic precursor formulations using kaolin, quartz, feldspar, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, boric acid and sodium metasilicate. Thereby, the identified composite based microfiltration range low cost ceramic membranes offered very good combinations of pure water flux and porosity. The first set of membranes had an average pore size and porosity of 2.48 - 4.46 microns and 44 - 27% respectively. The second set of membranes with a distinct composition had an average pore size and porosity of 1.06 - 2.22 microns and 45 - 34% respectively. Eventually, the membranes were tested for dead end and cross flow microfiltration of oil-water emulsions and dead end microfiltration of E.Coli solutions. The membranes were also investigated for the adsorption (yeast) and microfiltration (ceramic membrane) combination process for the efficient removal of Cr (VI) from its aqueous solutions.  During these experiments, the membranes provided comparatively similar or better membrane performance characteristics. Eventually, the best membrane was used to fabricate LTA zeolite composite membrane for application as an ultrafiltration membrane. The zeolite composite low cost ceramic membrane was tested using Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) for ultrafiltration performance. With the obtained experimental data, the Ph.D. thesis is anticipated to serve as a useful guideline for the development and implementation of Kaolin based ceramic membranes in process industries for wastewater treatment applications.
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