Dr. Barun Kumar Nandi

Title: Preparation and Characterization of Low Cost Ceramic Composite Membranes for Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Applications
Co-supervisor: Dr. Mihir K. Purkait
Abstract: The thesis addressed the development of low cost ceramic composite membranes using inexpensive inorganic precursors such as kaolin, quartz, feldspar, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, boric acid and sodium metasilicate to obtain membranes with upper (547 - 810 nm) and lower (185 - 332 nm) submicron pore range ceramic membranes.  The performance characteristics of these two membranes have been investigated for the treatment of oil-in-water emulsions and microfiltration of mosambi juice in dead end mode of operation. Finally, the work focused towards the preparation and characterization of polymer-ceramic composite membranes with an objective towards phenomenological modeling.
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