Ph.D. Scholars List As Per Year Of Joining
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Year 2015
Bikash Bindu
Phone: +91 9860185963
Research Title: Preparation of Industrial Waste derived Heterogeneous Catalysts and their Applications for Different Processes
Research Supervisor: Prof. Kaustubha Mohanty
Lab no: RL-01
Dharmalingam K
Phone: 7086652116
Research Title: Microwave heating effect on hydrophobic drugs  with hydrophilic polymers
Research Supervisor: Dr.R.Anandalakshmi
Lab no: L102-B
Debasis Maharana
Phone: 9605990386
Research Title: Optimization Of Multi-Echelon Bio-fuel Supply Chain
Research Supervisor: Dr. Prakash Kotecha
Lab no: Computational Research Lab
Pyarimohan Dehury
Phone: 8280008066
Research Title: Nanoparticle Dispersed Deep Eutectic Solvents as Low Cost Heat Transfer fluid for Concentrated Solar Power
Research Supervisor: Dr. Tamal Banerjee
Lab no: Research Lab 1
Sunil Kumar Singh
Phone: 8960419484
Research Title: Fabrication of Device for Enantiomeric Separation and Biosensor in Microfluidic Platform
Research Supervisor: Dr. Partho Sarathi Gooh Pattader
Lab no: L - 102 (B)
Awadh Kishor Kumar
Phone: 9004548468
Research Title: Removal and Recovery of Surfactant by Foam Fractionation
Research Supervisor: Prof. Pallab Ghosh
Lab no: Research Lab 1
Somen Mondal
Phone: 9062733384
Research Title: Hydrodynamics, Mixing and Extraction of Metals from Particle-Laden Solutions in Milli and Microchannels.
Research Supervisor: Prof. Subrata Kumar Majumder
Lab no: Ground Floor (Chemical Engg. Department)
Joydip Chaudhuri
Phone: 03612583069
Research Title: Theoretical Studies on Field Driven Multiphase Micro/Nano Systems
Research Supervisor: Dr. Dipankar Bandyopadhyay
Lab no:M&A Lab, Centre for Nanotechnology(Ground Floor)
kumari Ruby
Phone: 9954246185
Research Title: Characterization of mineral-based colloidal microbubble and its subsequent application in separation of fine mineral particle
Research Supervisor: Prof. S. K. Majumder
Lab no: AR-1A
Kuldeep Roy
Phone: 9954246995
Research Title: Hybrid Hydrodynamic cavitation (HHC) for treatment of refractory/recalcitrant pollutants
Research Supervisor: Prof. V. S. Moholkar
Lab no: AR6B (First Floor)
Piyal Mondal
Phone: 8721869427
Research Title: Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles for real life applications
Research Supervisor: Dr. Mihir K Purkait
Lab no: Research Lab II
Debashis Kundu
Research Title: Fabrication of Thiol-ene Based Click Hydrogels
Research Supervisor: Prof. Tamal Banerjee
Lab no: Research Lab-Wing 1
Ankur Pandey
Phone: 08723831574
Research Title: Experiments Investigation on Micropattering of Blended and Block Copolymer Thin Films
Research Supervisor: Dr. Partho Sarathi Gooh Pattader
Lab no: RL 102 XRD LAB
Soumi Sarkar
Phone: 7896880305
Research Title: Removal of arsenic from drinking water using liquid membrane separation technique
Research Supervisor: Prof. Prabirkumar Saha
Lab no: Research Lab Wing 3
Kranthi Kumar
Phone: 8886308224
Research Title: Energy Efficient Desalination
Research Supervisor: Dr. Anki Reddy Katha
Lab no: 
Surendra Singh Gaur
Phone: 7506134674
Research Title: Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Research Supervisor: Dr. Vimal Katiyar & Dr. Amit Kumar
Lab no: 
Arul Manikandan
Phone: 8133856128
Research Title: Polyhydroxybutyrate production from waste lignocellulosic biomass as the cheap feedstock
Research Supervisor: Prof. G. Pugazhenthi & Prof. Kannan Pakshirajan
Lab no: 
Roll No Name Email id (
156107001 Debashis Kundu  
156107002 Debasis Maharana debasis
156107003 Joydip Chaudhury c.joydip
156107004 Siddharth Thakur t.siddharth
156107005 Ankur Pandey ankur.pandey
156107006 Satarupa Dutta satarupa.dutta
156107007 Partha Pratim Adhikari partha.adhikari
156107008 Soumi Sarkar
156107010 Senthil S senthil.s
156107012 Barnali Bhui barnali.bhui
156107013 Sayan Kumar Bhattacharjee sayan.2015
156107014 Deepshikha Bhagawati b.deepshikha
156107015 Aanisha Akhtar aanisha.akhtar
156107016 Versha Rani versha
156107017 Surendra Singh Gaur surendra.gaur
156107018 Mahboob Alam mahboob.alam
156107020 Arul Manikandan arul.2015
156107021 Pyarimohan Dehury d.pyarimohan
156107022 Satyendra Patel p.satyendra
156107024 Rupam Sinha rupam.sinha
156107025 Kumari Ruby kumari.ruby
156107026 K Dharmalingam k.dharmalingam
156107027 Bikashbindu Das d.bikashbindu
156107029 Piyal Mondal piyal
156107030 Ritesh Prakash ritesh.prakash
156107031 Aritra Das aritra.das
156107032 Somen Mondal somen.mondal
156107033 Kuldeep kuldeepr
156107034 Bitang Kwrung Tripura bitang
156107035 Endalu Lemma Sharbe endalu
156107036 Habsbeom Teklu Aseffa habtom
156107037 Belachew Zegale Tizazu belachewzegale