Consultancy Projects:
Sl No. Project Title Clients Starting Year

1 Evaluation of Zinc Coating Central Warehousing Corporation,Construction Cell, Guwahati 2005-2006
2 Analysis of Xylene in RIP room for M/s Assam Carbon Pvt. Ltd. Assam Carbon Products Ltd., Guwahati 2006-2007
3 Heat Exchanger Network (HEN) analysis of Crude  Distillation Unit (CDU) and Delayed  Coked Unit (DCU) at IOCL, Guwahati IOC, Guwahati 2006-2007
4 Development of Light Weight Iron Removal Unit Based on the  Principle Developed by Defence Research Laboratory, Tezpur Ministry of Defence, Tezpur 2006-2007
5 Testing of material: GI Sheet Plain - 0.5, Zinc Coating of
Grade 220
Modern Prefab Systems Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon 2007-2008
6 Synthesis and Development of Gel Based Iron Catalyst for Direct Coal Liquefaction at OIL, Duliajan OIL, Duliajan 2007-2008
7 Consultancy Service for Heat Exchanger Network Analysis of CDU-I, CDU-II of BRPL BRPL, Dhaligaon 2008-2009
8 Consultancy Service Package for Study on Assessment of Technologies for capture of CO2for Carbon Sequestration NTPC Ltd., New Delhi 2008-2009
9 Development of PSA process for separation of C5+ gases and water vapour from OIL's gas lift pipeline OIL, Dulijan 2008-2009
10 Development of Membrane Based Technology for the
separation of coal from Organic Solvent
TATA Steel Ltd. Jamshedpur 2008-2009
11 Evaluation of Coal Sample Vinay Ccement Ltd., Guwahati 2008-2009
12 Pollution measurement on Insulation PGCIL, Hailakandi 2009-2010
13 Measurement of equivalent salt deposit density Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd, Hailakandi 2009-2010
14 Development of Solid Electrolyte for Carbon Dioxide
Dr. S. U. Rahman, PhD, Assistant Director, Centre of Research excellence in Renewable Energy, King Frhd University of Petroleum & Minerals Dehran- 31261, Kingdom of Soudi Arabia. 2010- 2011
15 A study on Environmentally safe drilling practices & waste management in drilling activity in ONGC’s Assam & Assam Arakan Basin M/s Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd., Assam & Assam Arakan Basin, Nambar – 1, 3rd Floor, CinnamaraComplex, Jorhat 785 704. 2010- 2011
16 Evaluation of Coal Sample JUD Cements Ltd., 2010-2011
17 Modelling and Simulation of Membrane Contractor for
 CO2 absorption in Amine
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., BHEL House,Siri Fort, New Delhi-110049 2012-2013
18 Preparation of a report on comparative evaluation of
acoustic cavitation and hydrodynamic captivation
Cavitation Technologies Inc 2012-2013
19 Investigation of given polymer samples to improve its
rheological properties
Jyothy Laboratories Limited, E.P.I.P. Complex,
Amingoan, Guwahati
20 Investigation of polymer samples for its properties M/S Jyoti Laboratories Ltd., Guwahati 2012-2013
21 Development of Aluminium Degreaser and Shiner M/S Motii Chem Center, Guwahati 2012-2013
22 Video course development M/S Rajv Gandhi University, Hyderabad 2012-2013
23 Video course development Rajiv Gandhi University, Hyderabad 2012-2013
24 Investigation of kerosene sample for its Thermodynamic
M/S Jyothy Laboratories Ltd, Pondicherry 605 502. 2014-2015
25 Physical techniques for enhancing life of reverse Osmosis Membrane elements M/S Unilever R&D Bangalore 64, Main Road,Whiteefield, Bangalore-560066 2014-2015
26 Foam Control M/S Unilever R&D Bangalore 64, Main Road, Whiteefield, Bangalore-560066 2014-2015