Research Team
PhD Scholars:
Photo Name Year of Joining Department/Centre Research topic
Mr. Vishal Kumar Verma 2014 Chemical Engineering Prospects of Silk Sericin as an Adsorbent for Removal of Micro-Pollutants from Aqueous Solution: Application in Membrane Modification
Mr. Senthil S 2015 Chemical Engineering Modelling and Real Time Optimization of Cutting Transport to Enhance the Hole Cleaning Process of Oil/Gas Well Drilling
Ms. Aanisha Akhtar
Chemical Engineering Studies on Modelling and Prediction of lost Circulation for Oil/Gas Well Drilling
Mr. Habsbeom Teklu Aseffa 2015 Chemical Engineering Membrane Based Efficient Energy Storage, Clean Energy Generation and Waste Water Treatment System 
Mr. Kranthi Kumar 2015 Chemical Engineering Studies on Energy Efficiency Desalination Technology Development
Mr. K. Vigneshwaran 2014 Energy Design and Optimization of Thermal Energy Storage system
Mr. R Viswanth 
Energy Modelling of drill string complication to reduce drilling NPT
Mr. Sureandhar Gunasekaran
2015 Energy Novel design and optimization solar dryer
Ms. Deepika Bishnoi
Energy Design and Optimization of micro grid performance for distributed low capacity gas wells
Ms. Nivedhitha S
Environment Studies on biological fouling and cleaning in membrane bio reactors
Research Team
MTech / MS Research
Photo Name Year of Joining/Pass Out Department / Centre Research topic
B.Venkatesh Prasad.
2016 - 
Chemical Engineering (MTech) Modelling and optimization of hybrid PRO – MD for energy storage and WWT treatment application
  Mr. Mishal Kumar 2016- Centre for energy (MS) Benchmarking of oil/gas well drilling performance
  Mr. Venkatesh 2015- 2016 Chemical Engineering
Grey Water Treatment and Simultaneous Surfactant Recovery Using UF and RO process
Mr. Senthil S 2014-2015 Chemical Engineering
Reverse Osmosis–Pressure Retarded Osmosis hybrid system: Modelling, simulation and optimization
Research Team
B.Tech students:
Year  Joining /
pass out
Department / Centre Project title
  Mr. Nayan Gupta 2016 -  Chemical Engineering Modelling of hole cleaning for oil and gas well
  Mr. Swanth Pawar 2016- Chemical Engineering Design and optimization spiral wound membrane module for high recovery operations
  Mr. Himanshu Mehta 2016- Chemical Engineering Identification of differential stuck pipe in oil well drilling 
  Niraj Chetry 2016- Chemical Engineering Modelling and validation of drilling fluid circulation and Identification of loss circulation using drilling experimental data
  Mr. Bailore Vikhyat Acharya 2015-2016 Chemical Engineering Modeling and Verification of Membrane Distillation
  Mr. Udit Singh 2014-2015 Chemical Engineering Analysis of Pressure Retarded Osmosis For Power Generation vs Energy Storage
  Mr. Jitendra Meena 2014-2015 Chemical Engineering Modelling of Pressure Retarded Osmosis membrane module