List of projects
Sl. No Project Title Sponsoring  Agency  Period Amount
Current Status
1. Physical cleaning techniques for enhancing life of UF spiral and hollow fiber membrane module Unilever R&D center Bangalore 21 Aug 2014
(3 years)
48.54 Pilot activities are started
2. Air purification using foams and Gray water purification Unilever R&D center Bangalore 15 May 2015
(3 years)
53.39 Pilot activities are started
3. Modeling and scheduling of membrane maintenance activities IIT Guwahati
Startup Grant
March 2014
 (2 years)
5.00 Process of completion
4. Development of comprehensive interactive well monitoring software tool for drilling supervisors IDT ONGC Dehradun  12 Feb 2016
(2 years)
160.03 Project started, software requirements are finalized
5. Feasibility study project proposal on Distributed low yield gas wells based micro-grid power  management system for Assam ABB India Ltd 01 Aug 2015
(4 years)
22.92  In progress
6. Preparation and characterization of ceramic membrane for domestic water purification system Unilever   22 Sep 2014
(3 years)
40.45 Pilot activities are started
7. Development of Anaerobic Ceramic membrane Bio reactor (AnMBR) for the treatment of Distillery spent wash, starch pharmaceutical and tannery industrial effluents DST 2016
(3 years)
153.0 Yet to release fund
8. Sericin Ceramic asymmetric membrane for removal of contaminants from textile effluent  DST 2016
(3 years)
101.0  Yet to release fund
9. Development of ceramic membrane based process for Treatment of Recycling of Textile effluent towards Zero Discharge Concept  DST
 Approved on 04-03-2016
(3 years)
89.3  Fund released on 22.7.2016
10. Optimization of spiral wound module design and CDI module system for improved water recovery  EUREKA
18 months from May 2015  24.0 In progress
11. Continuous processing for production of biotech therapeutics MHRD+DST+PAL+ABB+REDDYS lab  Approved on May 2015 1300.0 Working as CoPI Jointly with IIT Delhi
12. Smart membrane maintenance technique for domestic membrane water purifier Unilever  Completed on 2014 10.1 PCT/EP 2015/073029
13. Membrane Based Efficient Energy Storage, Clean Energy Generation and Waste Water Treatment System  DST WTI 2016 call 3 years 137.70 Approved on 8th Aug 2016  PAC meeting