Research Group
PhD Group
S. No. Name of Student Thesis Title / Topic Status Position after Completion 
1. Dr. VS Nalajala Momentum and Heat/Mass Transfer Phenomena of Contaminated Bubbles in Power-law Liquids Completed in January 2015 Ad-hoc Lecturer @ NIT Warangal 
2. Dr. ARK Gollakota CFD Modeling and Simulations of Catalytic Hydrotreatment of Bio-oil Completed in October 2015 Visiting Research Fellow @ University of Surrey, Great Britain 
3. Dr. R R Ramteke Spheres in Power-law Liquids with Velocity Slip at Solid-Liquid Interface: Momentum and Heat Transfer Phenomena Completed in August 2017 Assistant Professor @ Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai
AM Verma
Density Functional Theory Investigations on Upgradation of Phenolic Catalogue of Unprocessed Bio-oil Submitted in December 2017 Research Fellow @ University of South Carolina, USA
AK Singh
Three Dimensional Study on Flow Past Spherical and Non-Spherical Particles  July 2016 – Continuing   
Harshal D Kawale
Experimental and Numerical Study on Production and Catalytic Upgrading of Bio-Oil January 2017 – Continuing   
Kushagra Agrawal
Computational Study on Catalytic Conversion of Bio-Oil Model Compounds January 2017 – Continuing   
M Tech Group
1. N. N. Kumar @NITW 2-D Newtonian and power-law fluids flow past ellipsoidal particles at moderate Reynolds numbers Completed-May 2009 Research Scholar @ IITH
2. C. R. Reddy Momentum and heat transfer phenomena of confined spherical and non-spherical particles in power-law liquids Completed-June 2013  
3. K. Dilleswara Rao Buoyancy driven bubble rise and deformation in milli/micro channels filled with shear-thinning nanofluids Completed-June 2014 Schneider Electric (Invensys Development Centre India Private Limited), Hyderabad
4. Harinadha G. Mixed convection heat transfer from an isothermal circular cylinder to non-Newtonian nanofluids in a vertical channel Completed- April 2014 Research Scholar @ IITM
5. Satyendra Patel Hydrodynamics of bubble swarms of low to moderate volume fractions in contaminated power-law liquids Completed – July 2015 @ Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Limited, Assam
6. Malladi D. Subramanyam  Upgradation of bio-oil in upflow fixed bed reactor – a numerical study Completed – July 2015 HPCL @ Bangalore
7. Vasukiran Mandava 3D numerical investigation of critical Reynolds number of power-law non-Newtonian fluids flow past solid spheres Completed – July 2015  Asst. Prof. @ CVR College of Engineering, Odisha
8. Abhipsit Kumar Singh Buoyancy Aided Mixed Convective Heat Transfer Phenomena of Confined Circular and Unconfined Elliptical Cylinders in Upward Motion of Shear-Thinning Nanofluids Completed–April 2016 Research Scholar @ IITG
9. DM Reddy Modelling and simulations of bio-diesel synthesis processes in tubular reactors Completed–June 2016 Research Scholar @ IITM
10. Ogene Fortunate Experimental and Computational Studies on Biomass Pyrolysis On going