PhD Thesis guided:
  1. Mis. Anjali Dasari, Hydrodynamics of viscous oil-water flow through horizontal and inclined pipe (Completed).
  2. Mr. Anand Babu Desamala, Viscous oil-water flow through undulated pipeline (Completed).
  3. Mr. T. Anil Kumar, Non-Newtonian flow through helical coil (Ongoing).
  4. Mr. Bhaskar Das, Biodegradation of waste water (Ongoing).
  5. Mr.SeimTimung, Field and Pressure Driven Multiphase Flows in Microfluidic Channels(Ongoing).
  6. Mr.Amit Kumar Singh, Self-Propelling and Field Driven Artificial Micro/Nano Motors (Ongoing).
  7. Mr. Saptak Rarotra, Micro/Nano Devices for Energy Harvesting (Ongoing).
M.Tech student guided:    4 completed + 3 ongoing
B.Tech student guided:    4 completed + 1 ongoing