Sponsored Project /Consultancy/Collaborative:
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13. Development of a New Integral Approach for the Treatment of Phenolic Wastewater Using Bioremediation in Combination with Nano-Composite by Developing Microstructure Bioreactor
MOES (Ref. MOES/36/OOISP/PAMC/2012/PC-IV/Vol-II), dated 05/05/2017


12. Removal of pharmaceutical derivatives present in waste water by advanced oxidation integrating with microstructure and rotating packed bed of grapheme (G)/Graphene oxide (GO)/GO-metal nanocomposites.
DST-WTI (Ref. DST/TM/WTI/2K16/20 (C)-A), Dated 11.05.2017


11. Process Intensification of Cleaning of Oily Wastewater Effluent By Developing Plant Prototype of Microbubble Flotation Unit. MEFC, Govt. of India (Ref.: 159/2015/RE)-Under Processing
10. Studies on process intensification of liquid-liquid extraction by developing jet-driven extraction column DST(Ref. No: EMR/2014/001202)
9. Process intensification of foam suppression in a three-phase fluidized bed CSIR (Ref. No.5299/NS-EMRII)
8. Process intensification of flotation by ionic microbubbles CSIR(Ref. No.: 22(0572)/12/EMR-II)
7. Flow characterization and intensification of pressure drop reduction of heavy crude oil-water two-phase flow through inclined conduit. CSIR(Ref.: 2151/15-EMR II)
6. Flow behavior of heavy oil-water in pipe network and in an inclined pipeline. CSIR (Ref.: 2152/15-EMR II)
5. Process intensification in drag reduction in high viscous multi-phase flow through pipeline CSIR(Ref.: 22(0522)/10/EMR-II)
4. Development of Plant Prototype for Purification of Industrial Wastewater by Microbubbles DST/WTI, (Ref.:DST/TM/WTI/2K10/266/(G)
3. Studies on gas-liquid two-phase flow in a bubblecolumn reactor CSIR (Ref.: 01(1780)/02-EMR-II)
2. Development of course “ Mass Transfer Operation-I (Web Course) under) National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning
1. Development of Virtual lab on Hydrodynamics and Transport phenomena in Packed Bed and Heat Exchangers MHRD under National Mission on Education through ICT (CET/P/RB/2)