Ph.D. Supervision
Sl. No. Name of the Student Thesis Title / Area Period
From To
1. Mr. S. Mekala Studies on dispersion and mass transfer characteristics in a modified slurry bubble column Dec,2009 July, 2013
2. Mr. Rajeev Parmar Hydrodynamics and mineral beneficiation of ionic microbubble July,2011 May, 2015
3. Miss. SnigdhaKhuntia Removal of ammonia, arsenic and dyestuffs from water by ozone microbubbles July, 2011 July, 2015
4.. Mr. Ashis Kumar Thokchom Microfluid flow and particle transport inevaporating drops July, 2010 Feb., 2015
5. Mr. Anil Kumar Thandlam Flow pattern-based transport processes of air-non-Newtonian flow in helical coil. Dec.,2010 July, 2015
6. Mr. Bharath Kumar  Goshika Process intensifications of extraction in an ejector-induced modified air-liquid-liquid extraction column July, 2013 Ongoing
7. Mr. M. K. Fahad Mineral separation by aeration by column flotation Dec., 2012 Ongoing
8. Mr. Ritesh Prakash Hydrodynamics and fine particle separation by microstructire flotation column July, 2015 Ongoing
9. Mr. Somen Mandal Metal ion extraction in a derived microchannel based microfluidic device July, 2015 Ongoing
10. Miss. Kumari Ruby Metal oxide separation by charged microbubble July, 2015 Ongoing
11. Miss. Surabhi Patel Micobubble Ozonation of pharmaceuticals and it's derivatives and their removal from wastewater July, 2016 Ongoing
12. Mr. Jinesh Machale Enhanced oil recovery by synthesizing new surface active agent. December, 2016 Ongoing
13. Mr. Bangliba T Sangtam Gas liquid liquid flow at high pressure and low temparature July, 2017 Ongoing


 M. Tech. Project Supervision
Sl. No. Name of the Student Thesis Title/ Area Period
From To
1. Mr. Kishore Worthy Mixing Characteristics in a  Modified gas liquid contactor 2008 2009
2. Mr. Vinay Kumar Gas entrainment in a multiphase machine 2009 2010
3. Mr. Suresh Kr. Patel Hydrodynamics and drag reduction in a packed bed column 2009 2010
4. Mr.  Rajeev Parmer Mixing phenomenon in an ejector-induced downflow bubble column 2010 2011
5. Mr. Ajit Kumar Giri Hydrodynamics and drag reduction in Trickle bed 2011 2012
6. Mr. Rajesh Prasad Hydrodynamics in 3-phase modified column 2011 2012
7. Mr. Gulsan Kumar Process intensification of oil beneficiation by aeration 2012 2013
8. Mr. K. R. Naidu Drag reduction of high viscous two-phase flow in pipeline 2012 2013
9. Mr. Chiranjib Das Studies on convective heat transfer of two phase flow in helical coil 2013 2014
10. Mr. Arindam Studies on mass transfer of bubbly flow in vertical column (Experimental and model development) 2013 2014
11. Mr. Venkata Rao J. Mixing Characteristics in Helical coil system by Residence Time distribution Technique 2013 2014
12. Mr. MedithiVikas Experimentation and Stochastic Modelling for axial dispersion in slurry bubble column reactor 2014 2015
13. Mr. DhirenBoro Stability of microbubbles in the presence of nano particles 2015 2016
14. Miss. Surabhi Patel Evaluation of gas hydrate formation in gas-enriched pipeline 2015 2016
15. Bongliba T Sangtam Prediction of gas hydrate formation kinetics 2016 2017
16. Rohit Agarwal Kinetics of Pharmaceuticals in ozone bubble colum 2017 Till date
17. Kashis Dhir Equilibrium entropy of gas hydrate formation  2017 Till date