Our Team:
S Gumma, Ramesh Tellagorla, K L V Sagar,Pilli Rajasekhar, Satyannarayana Edubilli, Pradip Das, Prudhvi Medikonda, Abhik Bhattacharjee
Satyannarayana Edubilli
Satya has been our group member since 2010. After completing his masters in 2012, he decided to continue for a PhD degree. His work focusses on column dynamics and development of a Pressure/Vacuum Swing Adsorption process using MOFs. He has successfully designed, assembled and validated a PVSA unit in our lab. Prior to this work he has involved in development of tuning strategy for a flexible MOF viz. MIL-53 (Al).He is currently investigating this MOF in the PVSA unit.

Abhik Bhattacharjee
Abhik is a doctoral student in our group since July, 2012. He is working in areas of synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles such as Fe3O4, core-shell structures of MOFs and silica over magnetic nanoparticles. He is also attempting to use these materials as controlled drug delivery vehicles.

Prudhviraj Medikonda
Prudhvi has been our group member since July, 2011. After completing his Masters in 2013, he decided to continue for his PhD. During his Masters he worked on desulfurization of liquid fuels using MOFs. Currently his interest lies in synthesis of MOFs with functionalized linkers for enhanced adsorption characteristics. He also spends time in the laboratory of Prof C V Sastri in the Department of Chemistry for this work.

Ramesh Tellagorla
Ramesh has been our group member since December 2013. His PhD work is being jointly supervised with Prof Bishnupada Mandal. Prior to joining our group Ramesh worked for his masters degree with Prof Prabirkumar Saha also at IIT Guwahati. His interests are in development of amine based absorption processes for CO2 capture. He is actively involved in our industrial project with NTPC. He is currently involved in design and development of laboratory scale fixed bed amine absorption unit, which he plans to use for his PhD work. In addition, he is developing a high pressure VLE setup for measurement of diffusivity and physical solubility of CO2 in amine solutions.

Pradip Das
Pradip has been our group memebr since 2012. After completing his M.Tech he started working on his PhD since 2014. He is interested in use of MOFs in biological applications and controlled drug delivery applications.

KLV Sagar
Sagar has been in our group since 2014 as a Masters student. He is working on evaluation of adsorption characteristics of MOF-519.

Rajasekhar has been in our group since 2015 as a Masters student. He is working on evaluation of adsorption characteristics of flexible MOFs.