Students Graduating:
  • Number of Ph.D. students guided (12): (Completed) + (Ongoing)
  • Number of M. Tech. students guided (22): 18 (Completed) + 4 (Ongoing)
  • Number of B. Tech. students guided (23): 21 (Completed)+2 (Ongoing)
  Name Title of project /Area of research Status Joint Guidance (If any)
Working at
PhD Scholars: 12(6 Completed + 6 Ongoing) Dr. Mahesh Kumar Gagrai Spirulina Platensis for Decontamination ofChromium Laden Aqueous Effluent Completed in March 2014               Scientist 'C' & Asst. Prof., Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI), Kolkata Dr. A.K. Golder
Dr. Vijay Singh Membrane Based Separation of Oily Wastewater, Coal-solvent Mixture and Fruit Juice Completed in May 2014                     Asst. Prof. at NIT Hamirpur, HP Sole
Dr. Arijit Das Studies on Extraction & Purification of Value Aided Chemicals from Stevia & Aloe Vera Completed in October 2016 Asst. Prof. at NIT Hamirpur, HP Dr. A.K. Golder
Dr. Sujoy Bose Development of a catalytic membrane reactor for the recovery of value-aided products Completed in November 2015   Asst. Prof. at NIT Calicut, Kerala Sole
Mr. Suman Saha Separation of Humic Acids by Membrane Filtration Thesis submitted on March 2018 Sole
Dr. Kibrom Albel Gebru Preparation, Functionalization, and Characterization of Electro-spun and Phase-inverted Cellulose acetate Membranes for Advanced Wastewater Treatment Applications Completed in June 2017
Asst. Prof. at Adigrat University, Tigray, Ethiopia
Abhishek  Shukla Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Natural Antioxidants for Food Preservation from Spices Endemic in North Eastern Region of India Ongoing since July 2013 Dr. V.V. Goud
Amit Baran Das Production of high value added products from black rice of North East India Ongoing since Jan 2014 Dr. V.V. Goud
Kul Bhushan Samal Study on hybrid membrane separation systems Ongoing since July 2014 Dr. K. Mohanty
Abhradip Pal Assessment of corrosion of the steel liner of the water conductor system in hydroelectric power plant Ongoing since January 2015 Sole
Aritra Das Preparation and characterization of low cost TiO2-polymer nano-fiber composite mats using electrospinning process Ongoing since July 2015 Prof. R.G. Uppaluri
Sushma Chakraborty Fabrication of Permeate Product Compatible Low Cost Ceramic and Silver-Ceramic Composite Membranes for Juice Clarification, Microbial Filtration, Bacteriostatic and Drinking Water Treatment Applications Ongoing since July 2016 Prof. R.G. Uppaluri
M. Tech. Projects: 22
[18 completed
+ 4 ongoing]
Vijay Singh Ultrafiltration of oily waste water collected from ONGC Nazira Completed in 2009 Dr. M.K. Purkait
Anjali Dasari Extraction of steviosite from stevia using membrane separation technology Completed in 2009 Dr. M.K. Purkait
Naresh Kumar Meena Development of membrane based technology for the separation of coal from organic solvent Completed in 2010 Dr. A.K. Golder
Arijit Das Preparation of Low Cost Stevioside by Ultrafiltration Completed in 2010 Sole
Veeravenkata Varaprasad P. Enhancement of chromium removal from waste water by zero-valent iron in presence of montmorillonite, kaolinite and sand in a batch reactor Completed in 2010 Dr. A.K. Golder
Shailendra Singh Raghuwanshi Toxicity characterization by TCLP and remediation study of solid waste containing heavy metals Completed in 2011 Dr. A.K. Golder
Kulbhushan Samal Development of hybrid membrane system for the treatment of wastewater Completed in 2012 Dr. K. Mohanty
Mridul Krishnam Nanofluid-Preparation, characterization and application Completed in 2012 Sole
Ankur Patowary Momin Simultaneously Phenol and Chromium Removal using Biological Techniques Completed in 2012 Dr. A.K. Golder
Harendra Rathore Fouling and cleaning characteristics of spiral wound Membrane modules Completed in 2013 Sole
Kuntal Maity Treatment of aqueous pollutants by spinning basket membrane module Completed in 2013 Dr. K. Mohanty
Sandup Tshering Bhutia Storage and preservation study of clarified citrus fruits: Experimental and theoretical consideration Completed in 2014 Sole
Vishal Kumar Sandhwar Performance characterization of shear enhanced spinning basket membrane module Completed in 2014 Dr. K. Mohanty
Rishiket Kundu Recovery of elemental sulfur using Co-Mo/Gamma-alumina based catalyst Completed in 2015 Sole
Rijumoni Boro Treatment of Tea Factory Wastewater: Experimental and Response Surface Optimization Completed in 2016 Sole
Dunna Shyam Preparation of Bio-diesel from Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) using Alkaline Catalyst on Carbon support Impregnated Ceramic Membrane Completed in 2016 Sole
Anudeep Venkata Durga Yedla Survival of flora and fauna in acidic water (low pH) environment Completed in 2017 Sole
Pranav Sreenivasa Akella Development of Anaerobic Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) for the Treatment Industrial Effluents Completed in 2017 Sole
  Chevula Mounika Studies on thermal degradation mechanism of Aloe Vera gel in drying process Ongoing since 2017 Sole
  Shyamoli Hazarika Modelling of catalytic membrane reactor for Sulfur recovery Ongoing since 2017 Sole
  G Nagendra Prasad Study of corrosion rate of steel body using Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy Ongoing since 2018 Sole
  Pankaj Kumar Effect of citric acid composition on  the film characteristics associated to phase inversion method Ongoing since 2018 Sole