Research Projects:
1.  Title: Design and fabrication of an integrated optofluidic device for solar irradiated water-splitting using
     bio-synthesized metal/TiO2 photocatalysts
     Funding Agency: DST
     PI: Dr. N.R. Peela
     Co-PI: Dr. A.K. Golder
     Duration: June 2016-May 2019
2.  Title: Development of low cost chitosan based crosslinked resins for the recovery and removal of
     palladium from synthetic and spent electroless plating solutions
     Funding Agency: CSIR
     PI: Prof. R.G. Uppaluri
     Co-PIs: Dr. A.K. Golder and Prof. P.K. Ghosh
     Duration: December 2014-November 2017 
3.  Title: Concurrent electrochemical generation of hydroxyl radicals or its precursor H2O2 both at anode
     and cathode surfaces and its utilization in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment
     Funding Agency: DST
     PI: Dr. A. K. Golder
     Duration: April 2013-December 2016
4.  Title: Toxic metal hazard from sludge generated during reduction of Cr(VI) from waste water by zero-
     valent iron (Fe0)
     Funding Agency: IITG
     PI: Dr. A.K. Golder
     Duration: July 2008-June 2010
Consultancy Projects:

1.  Title: NPTEL web-based course: Chemical Equipment Design-II
     Funding Agency: MHRD
     Co-investigator: Dr. V.V. Goud
     Duration: 2010-2012  

QIP Short Term Course Cordinator:
  1. Advanced Chemical Process Design, July 8-12, 2013, Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India (Joint coordinator: Prof. R.G. Uppaluri).