Post-Doctoral Researcher:
Dr. Nayanmani Das (
Position: Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow
Topic: Dewetting of Thin Polymer Films on Graphene Oxide Nano-Sheets
Research scholars
Prof. Kartik Mondal (
Thesis: Morphology and Dynamics of Thin Films: Influence of Slippage, Charge Leakage, Confinement and Orientational Order
Dr. A. Ananth Praveen Kumar (
Thesis: Stability of Liquid Films and Droplets on Porous-Granular Beds
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Tamal Banerjee
Mr. Bolledu Ravi (
Thesis: Instability and Dynamics of the Thin Liquid Crystal Films
Mr. Seim Timung (
Thesis: Field and Pressure Driven Multiphase Flows in Micro-fluidic Channels.
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Mr. Amit Kumar Singh (
Thesis: Self-Propelling and Field Driven Artificial Micro/Nano Motors.
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Mr. Saptak Rarotra (
Thesis: Micro/Nano Devices for Energy Harvesting.
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Mr. K. Sunny Kumar (
Thesis: Graphene Based Micro/Nano Devices.
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Ashok Kumar DasMahapatra
Mr. Nilanjan Mandal (
Thesis: Nanomaterials Based Micro/Nano Theranostic Devices.
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Arun Chattopadhyay
Mr. Mitradip Bhattacharjee (
Research Interest: Nanomaterials Based Micro/Nano Electronic Theranostic Devices.
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Harshal B. Nemade
Mr. Manash Pratim Borthakur (
Thesis Topic: Molecular Dynamic and Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations of micro and nanoscale systems
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Gautam Biswas
Mr. Shirsendu Mitra (
Thesis: Computational Studies on the Spin-coated Thin Films, electroosmosis, and electrophoresis
Ms. Tamanna Bhuyan (
Research Interest: Self-motile Objects for Targeted Drug-Delivery
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Sidhdhartha Sankar Ghosh
Mr. Joydip Choudhuri
Thesis: Computational Studies on the Field Induced Flows
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Mr. Siddharth Thakur
Thesis: MEMS Devices for Theranostic applications
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Ashok Kumar Dasmahapatra
Ms. Satarupa Dutta
Thesis: MEMS devices for microrheological Applications
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Partho Sarathi Gooh Pattader
Mr. Surjendu Maity (
Thesis: Microreactors for Pharmaceutical Products
M. Tech Students
Mr. Debdatta Ghosh (
Thesis: Experimental studies on the Extra Cellular Matrix
Mr. Shaik Shahid (
Thesis: Experimental studies on the Paper Based Microfluidic Reactors
Mr. Joydip Chaudhuri (
Thesis: Electric and Magnetic Field Induced Instabilities in Micro and Nano Systems
Co-supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Mr. Siddharth Thakur (
Thesis: Self-organized Micropatterning of Thin Conducting Polymer Films for Photovoltaic Applications
Co-supervisor: Prof. Ashok Kumar Dasmahapatra
Ms. Snigdha Chakraborty (
Thesis: Experimental studies on the instability of thin liquid crystal films
Ms. Satarupa Dutta (
Thesis: Optical and Electronic Biosensors
Co-supervisor: Dr. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Ms. Shreya Mukherjee (
Thesis: Computational studies on Micro & Nano-motors
Mr. Surjendu Maity (
Thesis: Experimental and Computational studies on the Microfluidic Reactors
Ms. Abijna Das
Thesis: Defect Induced Nano-patterning of Thin Polymer Films
Co-supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Mr. Viswanath Pasumarthi
Thesis: Hydrogen Production through Self-motile Microbots
Mr. Abhinav Sharma
Thesis: Localized Electric Field Induced Transition of Two-Phase Flow Patterns Inside Microchannels
Co-supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Mr. Vijeet Tiwari
Thesis: Flow Patterns and Interfacial Morphologies of Mesoscale Multiphase Flow
Co-supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Mr. V. Prasada Sandireddy
Thesis:  Dynamics of Micro-Droplet Spreading on Porous-Granular Beds
Mr. Abir Ghosh
Thesis:  Dynamics and Morphologies of Thin Liquid Crystal Films
Ms. Sunita Sen
Thesis:  Electric Field Induced Instabilities in a Thin Dielectric Bilayer: Influence of Slippage.
Mr. Laxman Kumar Kundarapu
Thesis: Numerical simulation of microfluidics flow inside the evaporating droplets and mixing in microchannels
Co-supervisor: Prof. Anugrah Singh
Ms. Anwesha Basu
Thesis:  Instability and Dynamics of Thin Leaky Bilayers
Co-supervisor: Prof. Anugrah Singh
Mr.V. Anoop Kishore
Thesis: Electric field and curvature induced instabilities of thin dielectric films coated on fibres
B. Tech Students:
Shaon Sutradhar (
Thesis: Study of Field Induced Two-Phase Flows In Microchannels
Md. Rashid Ali Faridi (
Thesis: Transport of Microdroplets under Magnetic Field
Aditya Ratna (
Thesis: Design of a Spray-Nozzle to Deliver Organic Cell Matrix
Co-supervisor: Prof. Partho Sarathi Gooh Pattader
Kancharala Samhita (
Thesis: Field Induced Single Phase Flows inside Microchannels
Co-supervisor: Prof. Partho Sarathi Gooh Pattader
Aadesh Meena (
Thesis: Motion of Charged Particle in a conducting fluid under the influence of Electromagnetic field in a microchannel
Chola Bhargava Dandamudi (
Thesis: Field Induced Two-Phase Flows in Microchannels
Ms. Aanchal Gupta (
Thesis: Potential MEMS Devices for Sensing: An Optical Biosensor for the Detection of Creatinine
Mr. Jayant Borana (
Thesis: Dynamics of thin polymer films on functional surfaces
Mr. K. Vineet Kumar (
Thesis: Generation of droplets in microchannels employing alternating current electric field
Co-supervisor: Prof. Tapas Kumar Mandal
Mr. Bidyut Bikash Changmai ( b.changmai
Thesis: Dynamics of Fluid Flow on Carbon Surfaces
Co-supervisor: Prof. Ashok Kumar Dasmahapatra
Mr. Anjisnu (
Thesis: Transport of Nanofluids With Orientational Order
Ms. Manisha Sharma (
Thesis: Instability Induced Patterning Using Complex Fluids
Mr. Indrajeet Kumar (
Thesis: Micro/Nano fluidic study to enhance mixing, heat and mass transfer
Mr. Prashant Kumar
Thesis: Stability and dynamics of thin films composed of leaky insulators: Analytical and computational outlook of the problem
Mr. Himanshu Goyal
Thesis: Stability Analysis of Two Layer Fluid Flow Inside Channel Over Porous Medium: Orr - Sommerfield Analysis
Project Staffs:
Mr. Divesh Ranjan (
Designation : Junior Research Fellow
Thesis:  Designing and development of catalytic nanobots
Co-supervisor: Dr. Tapas Kumar Mandal