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Chatterjee Jaideep   (Adjunct faculty)
E-mail    :
Phone    : +91 900 847 9346
Fax        : +91 361 2582291
Location : Room No:  308
Overview : Dr Jaideep Chatterjee is a Chemical engineer with 20 years of experience in industrial R&D.  His present designation is Principal Scientist, and he leads the Strategic Science Group in Water & Separation Science, with Unilever R&D - Bangalore Laboratory.  In this role he is responsible for developing future innovation pipeline in the area of water purification and also contributes to the company's expertise in potable water purification and reducing water waste.  In previous roles, with Unilever, he has led a team which has delivered several key innovations.  Prior to joining Unilever, Jaideep has worked for organizations in the area of simulation, modeling and optimization of energy systems.  His PhD was in the area of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery.  He has been the inventor in over 25 patents and authored more than 15 scientific publications in International Journals.  His publications are in the areas of Water Purification, Oil-water interfaces, and Surfactant Enhanced Oil Recovery.