Computational Research:
1. Micro/Nano Mechanics of Thin Films
2. Rheology of Viscoelastic Materials and Liquid Crystals
3. Intermolecular Forces, Colloids and Surface/Interfacial Science
4. Electrohydrodynamics, Magneto-hydrodynamics, Electro-kinetics, and Electrophoresis
5. Advanced Flow Continuous Microreactors
6. DFT Studies on Active Systems
Experimental Research:
1. MEMS/NEMS Devices for Point-Of Care Detection
2. Intelligent Artificial Micro or Nanobots
3. Advanced Flow Reactors, µ-VLSI, and Energy Harvesting
4. Self–Healing, Self-motile, and Self-Organizing Liquid Crystals
Research Laboratories:
1. Centre for Excellence in Nanoelectronic Theranostic Devices
2. Fabrication, Characterization and Testing Laboratories
3. Thin Film and Micro/Nano Fluidics Laboratory

The thin film and microfluidics laboratory in the Centre for Nanotechnology houses state-of-art experimental and computational facilities. In the experimental front it consists of, high end upright microscope, high speed camera, UV/Ozone chamber, thermal stage, spin coater, fume chamber, clean bench, ultrasonic cleaning bath, Millipore water supply unit, AC/DC power supply units, Electromagnet with Gaussmeter, microbalance, high speed centrifuge, air furnace, high speed/high resolution zooming unit, micro pump, ultrasonic baths, and vacuum furnace. The facilities enable fabrication and preliminary characterization of thin films and micro/nano fluidic devices. The lab also houses High Speed computational servers loaded with software, which includes Ansys Fluent, COMSOL, Mathematica and Material Studio. The facility was build up over last five years from the scratch with the help of the IIT Guwahati authority and the grants obtained from the funding agencies such as DST, CSIR, and DeitY

4. Analytical laboratory for the DST FIST Instruments
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